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Best Homeopathic Clinic in Lahore

Best Homeopathic Doctor in Lahore-H.Dr MA Karim of

If you are in search of best homeopathic clinic in Lahore then now you have reached on the right destination. On this page of we are going to introduce you with the best homeopathic clinic in Lahore. This clinic is online by nature and you may contact the H.Dr MA Karim from all over the world too through its portal i.e which is the first ever online homeopathic clinic in Pakistan. Physcial appointment is also possible but you will have to book your slot in advance. For appointment you will have to call on the phone no given on this page.



History of The Best Online homeopathic clinic in Pakistan

This first online homoepathic clinic in Pakistan started its voyage through GeoCities in 1998 and then it was shifted on and now its on wordpress with the domain name H.Dr MA Karim is the son of Professor MF Karim who was a legend hakeem and pupil of famous legendary hakeem e inqalab Sabir Multani. He too has great knowledge of our local Pakistani herbs that’s why he is also experimenting on these herbs and is using his newly invented homeopathic medicines his private practice. This site also has a facebook page and its URL is with about 10000 followers. We highly recommend you to follow the fb page of too.



Why & H.Dr MA Karim

H.Dr MA Karim is the admin of this first online homeopathic clinic in Pakistan and in my personal opinion he is the best homeopathic doctor in Pakistan too specially for complex diseases like diabetes, cancer, tumor, sexual weakness, stones in gall bladder and kidney, hepatitis C, anemia, heart diseases, psychological problems, uric acid, fungal infection, ED, enlarged prostate, cancer, weak eyesight, hair fall, edema, bacterial and viral infection, PE, asthma, depression, colic pain, female problems, men health issues, weak eyesight, sinusitis, weak immunity etc. H Dr MA Karim has written 300 articles for and 500 for many other webistes on health and homeopathic related topics. Now we have also requested him to write for us and he has accepted our request. His 2 sisters are also homeopathic doctors and they deal with female online patients of



My Personal Tribute to H. Dr MA Karim Gold Medalist &

Take this article as a personal tribute for H.Dr MA Karim and team as after 5 years of marriage my wife could not conceive a child but after his treatment of one month now we have 2 kids. Thanks to and Almighty Allah. So i want to promote and honorable H.Dr MA Karim. He is not just a matric pass homeopathic doctor, He holds M.Sc Pak Studies degree and he is too a law graduate and a Ravian. You may consult him with full confidence. If you beleive in the then you must also believe on our recommendation. By the grace of Almighty Allah can do miracles specially for those men who have issues related to their matrimonial life.


Best Homeopathic Clinic in Lahore

Best Homeopathic Clinic in Lahore

My active germs were less than 30% and there was a ED issue too but within a month sperms reached to 57% and now i do not need to use any medicine for erection issue. So do rely on the expertise of Dr MA Karim & My first experience with Dr M.A Karim was not too good as i was suprised to see his rough appearance and red teeth as he is very fond of chewing pan, but later i realized that all genius persons like Dr Abdul Kalam of India and famous scientist Albert Einstein also never bothered about their personal appearance. They never had time to concentrate on their appearance due to their full time focus on their research. Dr MA Karim has also invented many medicines for vets and different crops. Government of Pakistan should contact him for increasing our per acre crop ratio.



Patient-Centric Approach

The team at places your health at the forefront by offering informative health articles in both Urdu & English languages on their website. This valuable resource empowers you with knowledge to make informed decisions about your health & well-being. All the students of FTJ, BEMS, DHMS, BHMS, CNA, CMW and general public must read these informative articles on homeopathy, diseases and their treatment and on alternative medicines.



Accessible Care

With a focus on accessibility, the also provides a facility of a lady homoepathic doctor for female patients for ensuring a comfortable & inclusive healthcare experience for all. Immediate appointments may not always be available due to prior bookings, so it is highly advisable to contact the clinic as early as possible to secure your consultation.



Holistic Healing is committed to practicing classical homeopathy & offers classical homoeopathic treatment with pure German single homeopathic remedies. Their approach emphasizes the individualized nature of homeopathic care by prioritizing your unique health needs for optimal results. Dr MA Karim is not againt compound medicines but still he believes that single remedy can do wonder if the symptoms of patients match with it.


Best Homeopathic Clinic in Lahore

Comprehensive Care

Whether youa re looking for a homeopathic approach to chronic conditions or men’s health issues, offers a range of services to meet your needs. Their physical clinic is located near Gourmet Bakery Goal Bagh Shad Bagh Lahore. It provides a welcoming environment for in-person consultations. Additionally online and video consultations are available for your convenience.



Your Health is Their Priority

At, your health is their # 1 priority & their dedication to excellence in homeopathic care is evident in every aspect of their practice. To schedule your appointment, call 0312-4662785 or visit their website and FB page for more information.



Comprehensive Treatment

From kidney stones and erectile dysfunction to all kinds of skin or other allergies & chronic diseases, offers comprehensive homoeopathic treatment for a wide range of health issues. Their expertise extends to conditions for example gout, enlarged tonsils, goiter, PCOS, uterine fibroids, diarrhea, acne, infertility, obesity, kids teething issues, hepatitis, urinary tract infection, low or high BP & many more.



Special Initiatives

Beyond providing exceptional medical care, goes the extra mile by offering special free training classes for the students of DHMS and BHMS & organizing free homeo medical camps for orphans and poor patients on the 1st Friday of each month. This commitment to community welfare reflects their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the confines of their clinic. Dr MA Karim has also launched a course for those homeopathic doctors who want to work online. Its a paid course of 2 months. In this course you will learn the WP web development, SEO and digital marketing techniques.


Best Homeopathic Clinic inLahore
Name of ClinicClinic Online
Cell No0312-4662785
FB Page
Best Homeopathic Dr in LahoreH.Dr MA Karim
Fee For Online Consultation1000 PKR


Do Not Worry About Men Health Issues

If you are afraid of marriage then do not worry at all as is here to help you out in this regard. Here a special marriage course or shadi course is prescribed as per your individual symptoms to address all your men health issues. Its price is 6000 rupees. This shadi course is not available in market as is not a pharmaceutical company, its just an online homeopathic clinic, so there is no a fix formulation of this course. You will have to explain your individual symptoms and personalized shadi course will be sent to your home address without any labeling through TCS. Its limited time price is just 6000 rupees for one month. For more details about this course visit the or their fb page. COD facility is not provided and 500 rupees extra is charged for TCS. But one more thing i will like to tell you that this course is provided with money back guarantee of one week. It means that if you are not satisfied with the results of this magical course then you may claim refund within 7 days. You can visit the best homeopathic clinic in Lahore for refund of your paid amount. In such a case the price of consumed capsules will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded without asking any question. But as per our sourcesĀ  not a single patient has asked for refund till now, so try this course for a happy married life and our best wishes are also with you.



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In conclusion, if you are seeking the best homeopathic clinic in Pakistan, then is your ultimate destination for exceptional care, holistic healing & a patient-centric approach that prioritizes your well-being. Embrace the natural, effective & personalized care that homeopathy offers and take the first giant step towards a healthier cum balanced life. In short i think that H. Dr MA Karim is the king of homeopathy. Just consult him once you will also say that he is an ultra genius homeopathic doctor and our national pride. May God bless him. Ameen. Here is the link of website of best homeopathic clinic in Lahore;


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Best Homeopathic Clinic in Lahore

FAQs About Best Homeopathic Clinic in Lahore

Here are some FAQs about best homeopathic clinic in Lahore city for treatment of all chronic diseases;

Who is the best homeopathic doctor in Pakistan?

H.Dr MA Karim is the best homeopathic doctor in Pakistan.

What is the URL of facebook page of H.Dr MA Karim?

Name the first ever online homeopathic clinic in Pakistan?

Cliniconline is the first online homeopathic clinic in Pakistan.

How to Contact best homeopathic clinic in Lahore for booking appointment?

You will have to call at cell no 0312-4662785 for booking an online or offline appointment with best homeopathic clinic in Lahore i.e

What is the video consultation fee of

You will have to pay just 1000 rupees for online consultation. Its a limited time offer only for out of Lahore patients.