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Career & Scope of Educational Psychology in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Tips

What is the Scope of Educational Psychology? Career Counseling Guide with Super Tips
Do you know why educational psychologist is and what sort of career they can adopt in their future years? If you want to be the part of educational psychologist in Pakistan then you should have a complete know how about the career prospect and salary of  educational psychology experts in Pakistan.



Who are Educational Psychologists?
As we talk about this profession, then these psychologists are normally involved in treating the adults which are in the age group of 25 years old. They will be investigating the various learning disabilities along with the concept of seeking the solutions which is related with the improvement of learning processes as well as instructional techniques.


Career & Scope of Educational Psychology in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Tips

Career & Scope of Educational Psychology in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Tips

Any educational psychologist does have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to the developmental as well as behavior psychology. This will let them move into the job professions of research firms as well as job centers or work as the public consultant.



What are the Major Skills of Educational Psychologist?
If you have been thinking about moving into the profession of being an educational psychologist, then it is important for you to have best skills of communication and being the social perceptiveness. You should be having an ability in which you should be dealing with the clients from different background. Some other skills which are required to be part of the educational psychologist are the tolerance, comprehension skills and the need to adept with different methods and working environments.


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List of Important Career Options of Educational Psychology
Educational Researcher
In this field you will be researching and analyzing different techniques of teaching related with the learning experienced for the sake of different curriculum or the textbook improvement.




Educational Expert Counselor
In this job prospect, educational psychologist will be working in the higher or elementary as well as secondary school system. They will be providing professional or career advice to the students. They will guide them about the personal or academic issues.



Distance Learning Administration Expert
In this field job, the expert of educational psychologist will be managing as well as ensuring the basic online educational concepts that are indulged with the instructional strategies and reporting different projects in the educational setting.



Academic Criteria of Qualifications of Educational Psychologist
Educational psychologist should be having bachelor degree for the Psychology or the Education
They should be having degree of masters in the Educational Psychology related with the categories of development delays, learning disabilities and learning processes
Certification of doctorate in the field of Educational Psychology in support of professional growth.


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Information about Salary of Educational Psychologist in Pakistan
At an average level the salary of educational psychologist in the Pakistan is around PKR 360000 as per year or even PKR 30000 as per month. At the entry level job positions, the salary will be around PKR 24,000 as per month. Experienced professionals can get a monthly salary of around PKR 100,000.


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Top 10 Tips For Educational Psychologists
1-Educational Psychologists can launch their own career counseling based website and then they can earn through adsense.
2-They can launch youtube channel for making career counseling videos.
3-They may launch education consultant firm for guiding the students about the best future career path as per their aptitude.
4-They may join any radio or Tv channel as educational psychologist.
5-Educational psychology expert may write columns in newspapers and magazines.
6-They can write books on educational psychology, psychology and career guidance.
7-Educational psychologist may join academia in various positions.
8-They may get job in study abroad consultant firms.
9-They can join testing agencies and other govt recruitment departments.
10-We advice you even after getting job you may also work privately as educational psychology expert. If you have limited spare time than work on internet as it will create a permanent source of income for you.



Job Areas For Educational Psychology Experts
You may find jobs in schools, private testing agencies, PAF, colleges, cadet colleges, navy, NGOs, study abroad consultant companies, Tv channels, universities, FM radio channel, professional educational institutes, educational and psychological research centers, Psychological clinics, educational institutions for special children, career counseling firms and army. So study educational psychology for a securing your future.

Career & Scope of Psychology in Pakistan