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Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Scope in Pakistan, Jobs, Pay, Career Counseling

Career & Scope of Certified Financial Analyst CFA in Pakistan, Introduction, Job Options & Salary 
If you have decided to become a chartered financial analyst CFA, then just hats off to you! This degree program is actually and mainly equivalent to the masters of finance degree program. Likewise we have these CA, ACCA degree programs and among the other popular accounting programs, we have also this chartered financial analyst CFA program for you. If you will get successful in becoming a CFA professional, then no doubt every single business unit, any of the multinational company will hire.

CFA is basically the base and foundation of any business line. What can be more amazing if you have this big degree in your hands. It is by the American based CFA institute that this financial degree has been approved and recognized. This is an international scale degree program. So let us all check out that thow this degree which is the chartered financial analyst CFA make its scope in Pakistan. Know about the jobs, pay stats and career counseling stats from here.

Career Scope

Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Scope in Pakistan, Jobs, Pay, Career Counseling

Who Can Apply in Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Degree Program?
The duration of this chartered financial analyst CFA program, it is of three years. It is into three phases that this program is mainly divided into. Like first you have to clear CFPA-I so that you can move on to the level and phase II. If you do have the BBA degree or you have Bcom degree, then you can enroll in this program. If you are also studying in your fourth year of bachelor degree program, you can still apply and register for this program.

On the other hand, if you have four years of working experience while serving in any one of the finance sector, then such individuals can become the part of this chartered financial analyst CFA program.

Scope of Chartered Financial Analyst CFA in Pakistan- CFA Career Counseling Aspect
Do you know that in Pakistan, there are so far 209 listed one and registered chartered financial analyst CFA professionals working in our country, it is true! By looking at this number, you can imagine that this degree carries a lot of scope.

Which Kind of Job Opportunities Are Opened for Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Degree Holders?
There are lots of jobs which you can freely pursue while getting this degree. It is to work as CFA charter-holder, financial executive, financial officer, senior investment analyst, risk officer, in-charge of finance department, deputy manager product development.

How Much Earning is Made by Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Professionals in Pakistan? Pay Details
These CFA degree holders, they earn a lot of money and monthly pays. As their degree worth is quite huge and big. That is why they are given handsome salaries and packages. Your salary will depend upon your level of expertise and skills. Experience is also a very important factor in this regard.

This is all of the collected information on the chartered financial analyst CFA scope in Pakistan. Let us know if you want to have more details on Certified Financial Analyst. We shall soon publish more career counseling posts on different programs. Meanwhile you should read our following posts on related topics;

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