There are mainly three types of competitive exams that may interest youngsters seeking a career i.e CSS, PMS and PCS. Qualifying in competitive exams leads one directly into a promising career. These exams help youngsters to enter in government institutions.

These exams aims to test a candidate with a wider perspective and expect one to possess good all round qualities and knowledge. The syllabus covered is not restricted to a limited study. Considering the vast all-round knowledge required for these exams,the syllabus covers a big range. Candidates must have sufficient knowledge about current affairs,Everyday science,Pakistan studies,General knowledge, History, Islam and Mathematics.



Another significant difference in competitive exams as compared to college and university exams is that you are not selected on the basis of minimum marks. Large number of candidates appear in these exams and the principal aim of the exam is to select a certain number of toppers, irrespective of their marks percentage. So the basic rule which apply in these exams is survival of fittest. Candidates are required to answer question papers with speed and accuracy. This make it necessary that the candidates are well prepared. For the best preparation for civil services exams the secret is to answer as many back papers as possible. These solved back papers are available in the market. Learn the art of guessing the important questions.

Many magazines and websites too publish these past papers. You can also get help from our website’s section of general knowledge and PCS. Many candidates join local coaching academies that offer intensive preparation for civil services exams. Some institutes also offer online and postal coaching. The secret of success lies in continuous practice. The more one practices,the better one becomes. Even in coaching academies candidates are acquainted with as many questions and answers as possible. The candidates should keep answering old questions to improve their response speed and accuracy.

To be well prepared the candidates must read the recommended books in the syllabus. Prepare your own comprehensive and precise notes. Remember that additional study ensures an edge over other candidates. Never forget this reality that these are not qualifying but competitive exams. But never get panic. Organized study, practice, revision and a relaxed attitude help greatly in competitive exams.

The secret of success lies in knowing what is expected, followed by rigorous preparation and practice. For preparing the English paper of PMS read our article on this topic. If you are determine to appear in CSS or PMS exam than make your long term plan after matriculation. Choose those subjects in intermediate and bachelor which will be helpful for you in CSS and PMS. Develop book reading habit.  Learn how to improve your creative writing skill.

To avoid last minute hassles ensure you receive your entry card in time. Check the exam center and hall a day in advance. Also check the room, where you need to sit for the exams. Since the number of candidates in these exams is very large, if one is not clear about these issues well in advance, there can be great confusion at the last minute.

On the day of examination, reach the examination center in time. Be relaxed and confident. If you have been working hard, you should have no problem answering the exam. Answer the questions in your best handwriting and language. Both speed and accuracy are importance. Before handing over your paper, check for errors and omissions. Stay in touch with your own website and it face book page for guidance  about CSS and PMS preparation.

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