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Dorpshipping Business Guide, Top 10 Tips & Ideas (English-Urdu)

Learn Dorpshipping Business From Pakistan, Top Ten Tips & Tricks for Beginners
Dopshipping has also become a great source of earning money online. Dopshipping business is at its boom around the globe. Today we are going to share all the details about dropshipping business in Pakistan in Urdu language. We are now living in the era of ecommerce. Dropshipping is an easy method of online business which require very limited investment. Its 100% legal model of e-commerce. Even in Pakistan people are earning million of rupees through the dropshipping business. Its an ideal business for females specially as it allows them to make money while staying at home. If you have craze for e-commerce but have deficiency of investment then dropshipping is right option for you. Dropshipping business is possible through Amazon, Ebay, Wayfair, Shopify, Daraz, your own e-commerce portal and even facebook.


Dorpshipping Business Guide, Top 10 Tips & Ideas (English-Urdu)


Dorpshipping Business Guide, Top 10 Tips & Ideas (English-Urdu)


Dorpshipping Business Guide, Top 10 Tips & Ideas (English-Urdu)
In dropshipping model of ecommerce you can sell products of all kinds without buying them first. In dropshipping on receiving an order on your online platform (Most Famous Shopify Store) from buyer, you will buy the same product from a third party and ask them to deliver it on the address of your customer. Dropshipping saves you from the hassles of inventory management and shipping. For example you showcase a mobile phone on your online store in 100 dollars and one receiving an order you buy the same mobile in 80 dollars from another online seller. Same seller will deliver the mobile to your customer and you will get profit of 20 dollars. We have given an image too on this page to make you understand the dropshipping model more easily. In short you just act like a broker or middleman between whole seller and retail customer. Whenever a person purchases a drop ship item from your online store, your supplier is automatically intimated through an email alert. On receiving remain your supplier ship the item on the provided address.


Top Ten Tips about Dropshipping Business From Pakistan with Low Investment
1-First try to meet some successful dropshippers for getting first hand knowledge about their experience in this field. You must also watch youtube videos on the topic of drop ship.


2-Search reliable suppliers who may fulfill your sent orders with the label of your business. Get professional pictures of the products, videos, their descriptions, categories and the discounted or whole sale price from the supplier for showing in your ecommerce portal or platform.


3-Search the products which have great demand in the online market and which can give reasonable profit to you through drop ship.


4-Always work with a reliable seller who have good tract record of shipping, quality of products stock and customer service. For getting idea about all these issues read the review and testimonials of their customers.


5-You must learn the SEO and SMO techniques for improving your sales. Use website builders like Shopify, BigCommerce and WordPress as these platform are very simple and easy to use. Shopify is considered the most reliable platform for launching ready to use online stores in reasonable price.


6-For finding the suppliers you should visit the whole sale markets of your city or you may use dropshipping directory for example Wholesale Central, Doba, Saleshoo, Modalyst, Spocket, Megagoods, Sunrise Wholesale, Wholesale2B, Inventory Source, TopTenWholesale, and WorldWide Brands. Remember that shipping time of your supplier must be minimum. Its hard to find real supplier through online searches as many middlemen also have introduced themselves as wholesale supplier. Remember that original wholesalers do not sell their products to general public specially on wholesale price. Best way to find wholesaler suppliers is to contact the manufacturers, they can also supply you or they can give you list of their wholesellers. AliExpress and Alibaba are the best online sources for Pakistani dropshippers to find suppliers. Try to chose a product which has more than 100 reviews & good review rating.


7-You should publish return policy on your online store.


8-Chose the nitch of your e-store after extensive research. View shopify videos for getting more ideas.


9-You can not drop ship on from Pakistan, so never use illegal routes for using Amazon.


10-Start the dropshipping business with minimum investment in the start as after getting experience about different aspects of this business model you may invest more with confidence.


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