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General Knowledge About Pak Army Ranks, Badges & Pay 2024

GK About Pakistan Army Ranks, Badges & Salary 2024
All of us are aware about these facts that Pak Army is one of the well reputed, established, meritorious and also one of the brave land forces of our homeland Pakistan. It came into being right on 14th August 1947. This body has made its significant place right in the armed force section of of Pakistan. Now here we will give you some important and crucial general knowledge facts on Pak Army ranks, badges and pay 2024.



General Knowledge About Pak Army Ranks And Badges

If you are going to deliver your services and accomplishments in this Pak Army body, then obviously you will get some specific ranks and badges. Some of their noticeable badges and medals are Nishane Haider, Sitarae Jurat. The concerned person also get Hilale Imtiaz, Tamghae Imtiaz. There are also lots of awards which are given by Pak Army just to praise and appreciate the efforts of staff and personnel of Pak Army. Below we have mentioned this list for you and this list is about the ranks which are part of Pak Army:



Field Marshal five stars, General four stars, Lieutenant General officer three stars, Major General officer two stars. Then we have post of Brigadier which is compose of one star. Other ranks and job positions which are currently associated with the zone of Pak Army, they are Colonel, the post of Lieutenant Colonel and the post of Major. Some of the individuals are hired on the rank of Captain, Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant or on the post of Junior Commissioned Officer.



There are considerable number of junior commissioned officer ranks which are linked to Pak Army body. They are the post of Subedar-Major, Subedar. Some of them are assigned the rank of Naib Subedar.



Then there are Non – Commissioned Officer positions and ranks and this mainly includes the post of Battalion Havaldar Major. Some of them are given the rank of Battalion Quartermaster Havaldar in Pak Army. And others are assigned the rank and badge of Company Quartermaster Major. While working for Pak Army, you may be assigned the rank of Havaldar or you can get on the post of Naik. Then there is this rank of Lance Naik, Soldier as well.



General Knowledge About Pak Army Pay

Coming to pay scale information of Pak Army officer, we have seen that the post of Field Marshal is given the BPS- Apex scale. We have General officer post which comprises BPS- Apex scale. Lieutenant General post is assigned with the pay scale of BPS 22. There is this Major General officer rank which is given BPS -21 scale. Moving on, we have Brigadier post which is composed of BPS- 20 scale. Colonel gets BPS- 19 scale and Lieutenant Colonel gets BPS-18 scale. Major rank receives BPS- 18 scale and Captain gets the pay according to the BPS -17 scale. Lieutenant post has the pay scale of BPS-17 and 2nd Lieutenant assign with the pay scale range of BPS-17.
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General Knowledge About Pak Army Ranks, Badges & Pay 2024


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