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How To Apply For Ustc Scholarship 2024 in China? Ultimate Guide

Ustc Scholarship 2024 in China For International Students? Guide & Tips
Here on this page we are going to discuss various aspects of USTC scholarship 2024 in Germany for overseas students. Chinese Government Scholarship as the Chinese University Program is basically a form of scholarship which was established by the Ministry of Education (MOE). This program has been introduced in order to give away the best support to almost all the basic Chinese universities in almost all the provinces or even in the autonomous regions for the recruitment of excellent students for the graduate program study in the place of China. MOE has been authorizing the USTC in order to recruit with the full-time master as well as doctoral students who are falling under the Chinese Government Scholarship since the year 2008.



Last date of application submission
Generally applications are received till 15th March of each year.
Thus, this program will be offering the full time scholarship which will be covering the tuition wavier as well as medical insurance along with some accommodation and stipend. Below we have the rundown list of different stipends for the applicants:



How To Apply For Ustc Scholarship 2024 in China? Ultimate Guide

master’s students will be getting CNY 700 per month
doctoral students will be getting CNY 1000 per month
master’s students will get CNY 3,000 per month
doctoral students will get CNY 3,500 per month


Eligibility Requirements for USTC Scholarship 2024 Application
All the applicants who have been applying they should be having a non-Chinese citizenship. They should be healthy enough in terms of mental and physical fitness.

Applicants should not already be the registered students in any of the Chinese universities at the time of application form submission.
They cannot apply if they are already graduated from any Chinese universities for more than one year.

All the applicants who have been applying for the master degree they should be having bachelor degree with the age limit of 35 years old.

For the application of doctoral studies, the applicant should be having master’s degree with the age limit of 40 years old.

All those students who have been already granted with some other Chinese scholarship or any sort of funding from the year 2023, they cannot apply for it.


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List of Graduate Programs offered in USTC
USTC has been offering different graduate programs in the fields of English and Chinese as per the media instructions. Some of the basic programs are:


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Master’s Degree Programs List (instructed in Chinese)
Master’s Degree Programs List (instructed in English)
Doctoral Degree Programs List (either Chinese or English)

All those applicants who have been applying for the master’s degree they should be given complete instructions in Chinese as in HSK4.


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The entire duration of this scholarship program will be performed on the basis of the programs. Master’s degree will be having 2-3 academic years and doctoral degree will be having 3-4 academic years. You can learn about the duration from official site later on.


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You can visit the main official site of USTC in order to apply for the online application form and getting further details about the USTC scholarship 2024 process. If you think you are capable enough for this scholarship then without wasting any time apply for this procedure right now!


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