How To Clear Different NTS Recruitment Tests

How To Clear Recruitment Tests Conducted by NTS
Now a days NTS is taking recruitment test for many departments and posts. Format of NTS test varies from post to post and department ot department.Usually NTS publishes the format and pattern of each recruitment test well before the test date. But there are some common elements in each recruitment test which we shall discuss in this article. We shall also guide you that how you can make preparation for NTS recruitment tests.

General Format of NTS Recruitment Tests
Usually the recruitment test conducted by NTS is comprises of the following Parts.
Islamic Studies
Pakistan Affairs
General Science
English General
English Essay
General Knowledge
IQ testing questions
Computer & IT
Current Affairs

How To Clear Different NTS Recruitment Tests

How To Clear Different NTS Recruitment Tests

NTS Recruitment Tests Preparation Guide

Weight-age of content also varies from test to test. But if the post requires the special in depth knowledge about any specific field then a big portion of test may be related to that specific field. This happens in the case of hiring in professional fields. You must have good command over your field. For this purpose you should repeat the main ideas, basic concepts and key points of your subject before the recruitment test.

First of all you should check on NTS site either the site has published the pattern or format of the test. If the answer is yes, then you must follow that otherwise, you can follow the above mentioned general pattern.

Mostly general knowledge questions are related to department for which the test is taken. So you must have good knowledge about the structure, history and basic facts of the department for which you have applied.

If you are appearing for some senior post then your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical reasoning skills must be strong, as major part of questions are related to these skills in the recruitment tests for senior posts. The only way to improve these skills is practice. NTS past papers are available on internet and many publishers have also published books related to these skills. You must practice as much as you can for improving your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical reasoning skills.

English Essay requires creative writing skill. We have written a detailed article on how to learn creative writing. You must read this article for further guidance in this regard. In fact we should use the word of paragraph or short essay for these essays as you are not required to write a full fledged essay like in CSS exam.

Standard of Islamic Studies, Pakistan Affairs, Mathematics, General Science and general knowledge questions depends upon the eligibility requirement. Yes, if the eligibility requirement for the post is matric or inter then the questions will be related to text books up to that level. Other wise, you will have to make special preparation for these questions too.

For current affairs you must read the daily newspapers and current affair digest which are easily available in the market. Watch the news channels, talk shows and read our articles in current affairs category.

For computer and IT you must have basic knowledge about general software (MS office etc), history of computer, computer terminology, computer languages and functioning of different parts of computer
General knowledge is very vast subject and there is no any short cut available for this, still  we can recommend you to buy one book i.e “Who is who and what is what” for preparation of general knowledge questions in a short period of time. You can also get help from our general knowledge category as we publish general knowledge statements only from the past papers of PMS, PCS, CSS and NTS.

In English general part, question will be related to English grammar and vocabulary. You must improve your grammar and vocabulary.

One very important thing is that there is deep connection between IQ testing and analytical reasoning questions. For analytical reasoning questions your should use and improve your logical power.  Same is the case with Mathematical and quantitative reasoning questions. Don’t be afraid with the new word quantitative reasoning as it is all about basic Mathematics.

Last but not least you must appear in the NTS recruitment test with full confidence and fresh mind. Stay in touch with your own website if your really want to change your life.


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