How To Clear Public Service Commission’s Exam For PCS Jobs

How To Clear PPSC/KPKPSC/SPSC/BPSC/AJKPSC Recruitment Tests For PCS Jobs
Provincial Public service commissions take different recruitment tests like PMS and PCS. For PMS exam we have written many articles. General Public service commission’s tests are MCQs types. 100 multiple choice questions are asked in majority of tests. These questions are related to following topics


Pakistan Studies

Islamic Studies



General Knowledge

Every Day Science

Current Affairs


Job related questions

Information Technology

Some times short essay, comprehension, precise, translation and English grammar related subjective and objective question are also asked. For certain posts psychological test and viva voce are also taken. Usually Provincial and Federal Public Service Commissions announce the syllabus for each post in the official advertisement. You must first follow this syllabus for short term preparation.

How To Clear Public Service Commission's Exam For PCS Jobs

How To Clear Public Service Commission’s Exam For PCS Jobs

We generally recommend Who is Who & What is What as first book for preparation 0f public service commission’s exam. Many students ask us that is this book is enough for preparation? There is not a single book for preparation of PCS exams. It is a continuous process so make a long term strategy too. Use internet for improving your general knowledge in spite of useless surfing. Read daily newspapers for updating yourself about current affairs. Also read current affair magazines. Watch news channels in spite of movie channels specially English news channels like CNN and BBC. You need to take interest in above mentioned subjects too. We just recommend above mentioned book as a first book for preparation. For complete preparation one should read maximum general knowledge related books. You need to emphasize on English grammar and creative writing skill too.

For creating your interest in general knowledge read books on this topic in Urdu too. Take part in quiz competitions at school, college and university level. Read autobiographies of famous personalities. Do not ignore compulsory subjects like English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies at school and college level. These subjects are very important as far as any competitive exam like CSS, PMS and PCS are concerned. Try to appear in CSS and PMS exam too because your aim should be higher in life. You will just have to chose optional subjects intelligently for this purpose. For CSS preparation you need to select your subjects in intermediate and graduation carefully. We have written several articles on preparation of CSS and other competitive exams. You must read these articles too. It will also help you in preparing the different  .

You must also appear in maximum recruitment tests of NTS, ETEA, FPSC and PPSC/KPKPSC/SPSC/BPSC/AJKPSC too. It will increase your experience and confidence level. Many publishers also publish books for preparation of different FPSC/PPSC/KPKPSC/SPSC/BPSC/FPSC/AJKPSC exams. But all these books are useful for short term strategy only. All these books resemble with each other. Just the cover/title of the each book is changed for different posts. Publishers are making you fool so beware of these businessmen. Just past papers for different posts are helpful for you. That’s why we recommend “Who is Who and What is What”  or any authentic general general knowledge books for short term preparation.

Large number of candidates start preparation for FPSC/PPSC/KPKPSC/SPSC/BPSC/AJKPSC recruitment exam after applying for any post. Its a 100 % wrong approach. It is quite difficult for normal students to prepare any FPSC/PPSC/KPKPSC/SPSC/BPSC/AJKPSC exam in this short period of time. That’s why majority of students fail in written test and blame FPSC/PPSC/KPKPSC/SPSC/BPSC/AJKPSC for nepotism. You need to change your approach. Only you are responsible for your failure. One last thing is believe that you can get through any exam. If you are not mentally strong and do not have trust on your self and your God gifted abilities then you can not succeed in any field. Auto suggestions is best way to make you believe that you can do anything in life. If you do not know the technique of auto suggestions for controlling your subconscious mind, feel free to consult our experts.



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