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Join Pak Air Force 2024-Online Quiz with Solved MCQs on PAF Jobs Test

Join Pakistan Air Force 2024-P.A.F GK Based Online Test with Solved MCQs & Sample Paper For PAF Jobs
If you want to join PAF as commissioned officer or have interest in other PAF jobs 2024 then you will have to improve your general knowledge about Pakistan air force too. Try to get information about PAF history, aircrafts, ranks, achievements etc. Through this page you may check your GK about Pak Air Force. We have given top 20 MCQs on this page as a model paper for those who want to get PAF jobs 2024.


Q1-Mushak is the first made in Pakistan ­­­___________?
2-Basic Trainer Aircraft
3-Air To Air Missile
4-Fighter Jet
Ans-Basic Trainer Aircraft

Q2-Name at least one air to surface missile of Pakistan Air Force?
1-Ra’ad (Hatf VIII)
Ans-Ra’ad (Hatf VIII)

Q3- Name the number 1 fighter aircraft of Pakistan?
1-Mirage III
2-JF Thunder
3-Mirage 5

Q4-JF-17 Thunder is the first _________ aircraft of PAF.
2-Made in Pakistan
4-Multi Role
Ans-Made in Pakistan

Q5-Name the fighter pilot of PAF who shot down 6 planes of IAF in one flight during 1965 war.
1-Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui
2-Flt Lt Yunus Hussain
3-Rashid Minhas
4-MM Alam
Ans-MM Alam


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Join Pak Air Force 2024-Online Quiz with Solved MCQs on PAF Jobs Test


Q6-Rashid Minhas was the one and only officer of PAF who received _____________ award.

Q7-Air Headquarter of PAF is situated in ___________?

Q8-Air Force day is celebrated on _________ in Pakistan.
1-23rd March
2-6th September
3-8th September
4-7th September
Ans-7th September

Q9-Who was the first Commanders-in-Chief of the Pakistan Air Force?
1-Air Vice Marshal Allan Perry
2- Air Vice Marshal Richard Atcherley
3-Air Vice Marshal Leslie William Cannon
4-Air Vice Marshal Arthur William Baynes McDonald
Ans-Air Vice Marshal Allan Perry

Q10-Who was the first Muslim Commanders-in-Chief of PAF?
1-Air Marshal Zafar Ahmad Ch
2-Air Marshal Nur Khan
3-Air Marshal Abdul Rahim Khan
4-Air Marshal Asghar Khan
Ans-Air Marshal Asghar Khan


Q11-Who was the first ever Chief of Air Staff of Pak Air Force?
1-Air Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed
2-Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry
3-Air Marshal Pervaiz Mehdi Qureshi
4-Air Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir
Ans-Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry

Q12-Second-in-command (S-in-C) of the Pakistan Air Force is called __________?
1-Air Commodore
2-Air Vice Marshal
3-Vice Chief of Air Staff (VCAS)
4-Air Marshal
Ans-Vice Chief of Air Staff (VCAS)

Q13-Mig-21 aircraft of Wing-Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was shot down by Pakistani fighter plane ­­­­_________ in Feb 2019.
1-Mirage 5
2-Mirage III
4-JF Thunder
Ans-JF Thunder

Q14-Name the first ever made in Pakistan drone aircraft.
3-Al Zirar
4-Al Khalid


Q15-Which rank of PAF is equivalent to Second Lieutenant rank of Pakistan Army?
1-Squadron Leader
2-Flight Lieutenant
3-Flying Officer
4-Pilot Officer
Ans-Pilot Officer

Q16-ACM is the abbreviation of _____________?
1-Air Chief Marshal
2-Air Commander Marshal
3-Air Commodore Marshal
4-None of These
Ans-Air Chief Marshal

Q17-PAF was called RPAF (Royal Pakistan Air Force) before ­­­­______________.
1-14 August 1948
2-23 March 1960
3-14 August 1947
4-23 March 1956
Ans-23 March 1956

Q18-Who was the first lady fighter pilot of PAF?
1-Marium Mukhtiar
2-Mayram Ashraf
3-Ayesha Farooq
4-Sobia Batool
Ans-Ayesha Farooq

Q19-Name the PAF pilot who won both Hilal-i-Jurat and Sitara-i-Jurat awards in 1965 war.
1-Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui
2-Flt Lt Yunus Hussain
3-MM Alam
4-Syed Sajad Haider
Ans-Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui

Q20-C-130 Hercules is a __________ plane of Pakistan Air Force.
4-Multi Role

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