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Legal Inspector Job Description, Powers, BPS, Eligibility, Facilities, Paper Pattern, Tips

All You Need to Know About Legal Inspector Jobs in Pakistan Police
Are you looking for an exciting career in the legal field? Are you interested in becoming a Legal Inspector in police department or if you want to that what is Inspector legal, then now you have successfully landed on the best page of internet which contain all the information about legal inspector jobs in Pakistan police.


Legal Inspector Job Description

Legal Inspector is a job title assigned to police officers in several countries. The legal inspector is responsible for examining & investigating legal documents, court cases & other related matters in the police. The legal inspector is also responsible for conducting legal research and for providing legal advice to the police department.



Legal Inspector Job Description, Powers, BPS, Eligibility, Facilities, Paper Pattern, Tips

Legal Inspector Job Description, Powers, BPS, Eligibility, Facilities, Paper Pattern, Tips


The Legal Inspector’s job is to ensure that the law is being upheld in the police department. They are responsible for analyzing legal documents, reviewing police reports, conducting legal research & best providing legal advice to their department. The legal inspector also ensures that all court proceedings adhere to the law & that all evidence is presented in a proper manner.



The legal inspector is the police officer in nature who is responsible for making sure that all legal matters are handled properly within his department. They are in charge of ensuring that all police officers are following the law as per the books & that they are handling court proceedings in accordance with the law. The legal inspector is also responsible for giving advice to the police department regarding legal matters related to filling FIA, investigation and court proceedings.



The legal inspector has many duties & responsibilities which are mainly related to legal affairs within the department. They must also ensure that all court proceedings are in compliance with the law of the land. The legal inspector must also have deep and accurate knowledge of the law in order to be able to provide appropriate advice.



Skills Required For Legal Inspector Jobs in Police

The job of a Legal Inspector is a difficult one, as it requires a great deal of skill, knowledge & understanding of the law specially the criminal law and some times service matters too. It also requires attention to detail & the ability to interpret legal documents & court proceedings in the lower and higher level courts. The legal inspector must have knowledge of the latest law in order to be able to make judgments & provide opinion appropriately.



The legal inspector is given certain powers. They can request court documents & other evidence, as well as order the inspection of potential crime scenes. They can also provide advice to the police department on legal matters & can take action in certain cases. You also need to have a good understanding of the legal system of the country. For example you must have command over Criminal Procedure Code CrPC 1898, Pakistan Penal Code CPC 1860, Law of Evidence 1984, Local & Special laws and police rules.


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Powers, Facilities, Salary & Protocol

As a legal inspector you get the salary of 16th grade. You wear the uniform of police with 3 stars. You have the power of documents attestation. You will get house rent, pension, gratuity, free medical aid for family, scholarships for kids and a good status in the community.



Eligibility Criteria

Law graduates with 2 years field experience of court practice are eligible to apply for legal inspector jobs in police. You will have to provide experience certificate with exact details about dates of becoming advocate and advocate high court from President of bar with attestation by concerned District & Sessions Judge. At the time of interview you will have to provide enrollment certificate issued by the concerned provincial bar council. Remember that just practical experience of legal practice in courts is accepted.


Physical Requirements

For the post of legal inspector minimum required height of male candidates is 5 feet and 5 inches. Minimum required chest size is 32″-33 1/2″ inches. Height of female lawyers should be at least five feet and two inches.


Visual Standards

Candidates should have distant vision of 6/9 in each eye with or without glasses. You near vision should not be less than J-1 for both male & female candidates.



Age of lawyers should be from 18 to 32 years but candidates from police department can apply for the legal inspector jobs till the age of 35 years. Remember that transgender can apply for inspector legal jobs. Applicants should have to domicile of their concerned province. You may be posed anywhere in your province.
Quotas for minorities and women are also allocated for the legal inspector jobs. Provincial public service commission conducts the recruitment test for the inspector legal jobs in Police department.

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Written Test Pattern & Format For Legal Inspector Jobs in Police

Here is the structure of written test for legal inspector jobs;
1-English essay paper will be subjective type and its duration will be 2 hours during which you will be asked to write a detailed English essay of 100 numbers with outlines.

2-The second paper will be of Urdu Essay with the same timing and 100 marks.

3-Third paper will be MCQ type related to general knowledge and its duration will be 90 minutes and total number of marks will be 100.

4-You fourth written paper will be of Pakistan Studies and Islmic Studies. In this paper you will have to answer multiple choice questions of 100 numbers in 1 1/2 hours.

5-Fifth paper is related to PPC and CrPC. Its total number will be 100. You will have to attempt this subjective paper in 3 hours.

6-Sixth paper is also a law related subjective paper of 50 marks and 2 hours duration. In this paper questions will be related to Qanun e Shahadate Order 198 and Local and Special laws.

7-In the last you will appear in Viva VOCE and psychological assessment of 150 marks.



Principle of negative marking is followed in the MCQs type papers for legal inspector jobs and .25 marks are detected on each wrong reply. 40% marks are required for clearing each paper but overall required aggregate is 50%. It simply means that out of 550 marks you will have to get at least 275 marks to qualify for interview stage. In interview too you need to get 50% marks i.e 75 out of 150 numbers. In the final stage of the legal inspector recruitment process you will have to clear medical examination.



Points To Be Remember

Legal inspectors are generally not posted in all police stations rather they are posted in circle. Legal Inspector is a uniform post of 16th grade. In your career you may also get promotion as DSP, SP etc. My own uncle late Raja Nadir Ali DSP legal was posted in police training college Sahala, where he used to teach law to the new police officers while their training period. He even died due to a heart attack in the class while delivering a lecture on Criminal Procedure Court to the ASI training class. Inspector legal is not allowed to change his cadre from legal to any other branch of police like investigation or operation. Generally legal inspector just give the legal opinion and do not appear in courts. In general public legal inspector is considered public prosecutor too which is a wrong conception.



Final Words

Finally we shall recommend all those candidates who are preparing for civil judge exam, to appear in legal inspector exam too. Its much easier than exam for civil judge post. Start your preparation for legal inspector jobs test with legal inspector guide and past papers. Improve your GK, legal knowledge and essay writing skills for success. Of course LLM degree holders are preferred on other candidates in interview stage. List of recommended books for preparation of legal inspector jobs in Pakistan has been given on this page. For any query do contact us. Advance thanks for sharing this post of with your friends & family.


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