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MBBS Subjects, Career, Scope, Scholarships, Salary, Jobs & Further Study Options

All About MBBS in Pakistan & Abroard
MBBS stands for Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae, or Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in English language. Its is a five years degree program after intermediate with medical subjects. 1 year house job is also mandatory for students after the completion of degree. All the doctors have to get them registered with PMDC in Pakistan. MS, MD and FCPS are most recommended further study options for MBBS degree holders.

MBBS is the dream qualification for all humanity lovers. This degree prepares you for serving the humanity in person. In fact medicine is a sacred profession and one should opt this profession just for earning money. If you want to go for CSS then kindly do not get admission in MBBS in Pakistan as our country is facing a severe shortage of qualified MBBS doctors. Specially females should marry a person who allow them to continue their medical practice at least at home.

Please do not waste the money of the nation, which government spend on you during your studies of MBBS in Pakistan. You have no right to criticize the politicians, if you do not perform your duties towards your nation. Majority of MBBS degree holders from Pakistan fly to Middle East and European countries just for having a short cut in their career. A talented doctor can not fail in his private practice, so being a patriotic person you must realize your duties after becoming a doctor.

Role of Doctor
A doctor can perform a role of social worker and social mobilizer by guiding his patients about the causes and prevention of diseases. He must not become the agent of pharmaceutical companies and diagnostic labs. We people criticize the hakeems as they do no research in medical field and they do not share their experiences with the next generation. Can you name me only 20 doctors of Pakistan, who have made any research in medical field or have written book on their experiences during medical practice. I hope that you guys will become trendsetters in the medical field by doing the research and sharing your experiences. Dr Khalid Mehmood Ghaznavi should be your role model in medical field who wrote many books on Tibb e Nabvi.
After MBBS in Pakistan and abroad you have two choices i.e either to become a physician or a surgeon. You must take this decision as per your aptitude.

MBBS in Pakistan

MBBS in Pakistan Subjects, Career, Scope, Scholarships, Salary, Jobs & Further Study Options

Career & Scope
Public and private hospitals
Nursing homes
Private clinics
Health departments
Medical services of the armed forces
Charity institutions and hospitals
Lecturer in Medical, paramedical, homeopathy colleges
Pharmaceutical companies
Surgical equipment business
Medical labs
Medical Store
You may also start your own private clinic and even hospital.
As a researcher in research institutes

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in MBBS in Pakistan 
Candidate must have passed FSc Pre-medical (Biology-Chemistry-Physics), A-Level or any equivalent exams with at least 60% marks. In Pakistan candidates will have to clear medical colleges admission test (MCAT) too.

Qualities Required 
Strong will to serve the humanity
Ability to handle pressurizing situations
Decision making power
Ability to lead the team
The ability to handle the situation specially in emergency
Strong stamina to work for longer and odd hours
Self motivation
Good moral character
Mentally and emotionally stable

Further Study Options After MBBS 
Here is the list of some most popular specialization areas after MBBS
Plastic Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology
General Medicine
ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)
General Surgery

MBBS Subjects
Following subjects are taught in five years course of MBBS in Pakistan.
Behavioral Sciences
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Islamic and Pakistan Studies
Community Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
Forensic Medicine
Clinical Conference
General Practice
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