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Scope of Civics (Civic Education) in Pakistan, Guide in Urdu & English

What is the Scope of Civics (Urban Ethics) in Pakistan? Career Guide in English and Urdu

Do you want to know what the scope of civics or civic education in Pakistan is? What sort of job options you can get by getting yourself connected with this field? Well the term civic is an old term which is now replaced by the political science. As we define the term civic, it is all about, studying the various political theories and its evolution. Hence it is all taking into the implementation of the theories and how it has been affecting various countries and its economies.


It would not be wrong to say that it has been linked with the study of wars which is happening between various countries due to different reasons. This field study will also be analyzing the various models and policies of the government over the humans. They will be giving recommendations related with the public policies or the good governance. Some of the foreign policy drafts as well as principles are also coming over under this domain.


What Are the Required Skills?
If you want to be an expert in this field, then is it mandatory that you should have a stronger habit of the book reading. This will enable you to have a more in-depth knowledge about various countries and their conditions. It is very much important that you should be having a clear know-how about the current affairs and should be aware from the history too. If you are not having all such skills then there are no chances of getting success in this field.
You need to be strong enough in your presentation skills as well. This is because being the civic education expert, you will be appearing on different seminars and public forms. You should be having a flexible attitude towards the government and political views. Having a rigid mind will never let you get the success in this required field.
Few more skills are:


Positive attitude
team working
verbal communication
self confidence
critical thinking
written communication
time management
adaptable nature
planning and organization


What Are the Career Prospects of Civic Education Expert?
As you get the enough knowledge about this field, you can open your ways to opt for different professions coming in your way. Some of them are discussed below:


Foreign Policy Expert:
You can get into the field where you have to show your expertise skills in the war and neighboring country relations. Plus, you should also study relations that is between groups of countries for instance between the Arab League Countries as well as NATO members.


Comparative Politics:
In this field, you will be studying all about the politics of various regions and will compare them. Plus you will be studying the dynamics which is affecting the growth rate as well as world influence.


Political Philosophy:
They will be exploring various political theories such as socialism, communism and capitalism. You should be having a vast knowledge about the theory shaped world history.


You can also move into the profession of being a civic science teacher at schools, colleges, and universities.



Civic Education as a Subject in Pakistan
Unfortunately in Pakistan Civics as a elective subject is taught at the intermediate level only. Later on it is taught as a part of different degrees like political science, social work, sociology etc. There is need to realize the importance of civics and civics sense in nation building. We should launch bachelor and master level programs in this important subject. Students should also opt civic education at inter level for improving their civics sense. There is need of adding chapters on civics sense and civic education in the syllabus of primary, middle and SSC level.


Scope of Civics (Civic Education) in Pakistan, Guide in Urdu & English

Scope of Civics (Civic Education) in Pakistan, Guide in Urdu & English