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Study in Russia Guide For Pakistani Students, Student Visa Requirements, Expenses

Comprehensive Guide on Study in Russia For Pakistani Students, Study Visa Requirements & Expenditures
We all have known Russia as one of the most wanted destinations among the tourists to explore the beauty timeline. But at the same time many of us do not know the fact that this destination has been known famous for its educational standards as well. Russia has been offering high quality of educational services as they have already established some well-known universities to let the students get higher education. Russia has been paying an enormous attention in setting up the fields of research and technology educational services for the students. Here below you may read detailed guide about study in Russia.


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Study in Russia Guide For Pakistani Students, Student Visa Requirements, Expenses


If you have been considering to study in Russia, then it is important for all the Pakistani students to know a complete study guide for Russian universities. Here we are explaining all the basic features about study in Russia and how you can apply for it.


Important Requirements for Student Visa in Russia for Pakistani Applicants
The first step which you need to perform is attaining the letter of student invitation along with the visa letter support which needs to be from the Russian university which is hosting you. If in case you are applying on the basis of the granted admission, then it might be possible that as soon as you will be receiving your invitation letter you might be asked to submit the fees. In order to get your visa application along with the requirement details, you have to visit your nearest Russian Embassy center.


Below are few of the main documents which you should be providing along with the application form submission:
Complete application form visa
Current Passport
Latest Photographs
Invitation letter from the accredited based Russian institution
Certificate of medical examination
Finances evidences documents
Travel ticket paid details


All the documents which you are submitting along with the application form they should be complete verified and at the same time translated in the Russian based Language by the Certified Translator. It will probably take the time period of around 5 weeks to end up the whole processing and the application approval.


Overview On Russian Residency Process (PERMANENT)
The process of residential Russian on the permanent basis is just meant for the international students who are applying in the Russian universities. But this process is quite lengthy and yet complicated as well. You need to initially get the employment contract so you can easily bear all your major living expenses. As soon as your degree has come to an end, you will be leaving the country. But if you already acquired the employment contract, you will be submitting your work permit letter by the side of the company along with the invitation visa letter. You can get the work permit just with the validity of one year.


Documents Required 
Important documents that are needed to be attached with the residency process application are as mentioned below:
Current Passport
Latest Photographs
Contract of employment
Accommodation evidence in the Russia
Russian based Language document of Proficiency Proof


Important Note

Large range of study programs are available in Russia. Now large number of courses are also available in English language. It is highly recommended to learn Russian language first. Large number of Pakistani students are already studying in Russian universities. Degrees of Russian universities are accepted worldwide. Halal food is also available in Russia. Fee of Russian universities is much lower than Western universities. Some universities also receive fee on arrival and even in installments. Degrees of Pakistani universities are also recognized by Russian universities. You will find lot of Muslims and even Pakistanis in Russia.


Emphasis is given on research and development in majority of university level programs. After completion of degree you may also search internship and  job in Russia. Now Russian Pakistan relations are also improving a lot. Pakistani students are welcomed in this country.  Now its your turn to study in Russia. Read our following post for more guidance about scope of learning Russian language.


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Expenses on Study in Russia
Normally the cost of student expenses in the Russia is quite a lot less as compared to rest of the European countries. Let’s have an estimated data record about the study expenses in the Russia:
For the undergraduate students, the cost of study expenses will be approximate $ 2,050 to $ 3,100 USD as per year.
For the post graduate students, the cost of study expenses will be approximate $ 2,050 to $ 3,300 USD as per year.
For the PhD students, the cost of study expenses will be approximate $ 2,130 to $ 7,400 USD as per year. Soon more details in new posts on study in Russia will be shared so stay connected with us.