Top 20 General Knowledge Facts about Mexico in Urdu & English Languages

Improve Your General Knowledge (GK) about Mexico-Top 20 Interesting & Unique Facts
Today we are going to provide you top 20 general knowledge based facts about Mexico. We shall share general knowledge both in English and Urdu languages. Mexico is located in North America continent. Its population is about 140 million. Total area of the Mexico is 1972550 Sq Km (13th largest country of the world). Its highest mountain in Pico de Orizaba which is above 5636 meters from the sea level. Here national day is celebrated on 16th September every year. Mexican Peso is the currency of Mexico. More than 83% of its population is Roman Catholic Christians. Charreada is the national sport of Mexico. This country was the home of old Aztec and Maya civilizations.


Top 20 General Knowledge Based Facts on Mexico


1-Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country of the world because it was a colony of Spain before independence. Spain ruled over this country for more than 300 years. At that time this area was known as “New Spain”.



2-Word Mexico was derived most probably from an Aztec term Mexitli or Mexixin which means war god.


3-Guillermo González Camarena was a Mexican who invented color Tv. Carl Djerassi was also a Mexican chemist who invented birth control pills in 1951.


4-About 66 million before a meteorite landed in Mexico. This incident ended the dinosaur era on earth.


5-Remember that largest pyramid of the world is not found in Egypt rather it is found in Mexico and has been included in the seven wonders of new world. Its name is Chechen Itza Pyramid.


6-More than 350 million people cross the international border between Mexico and United States of America. Majority of Mexican people try to cross this border for illegal entry in USA. Now it has become the busiest border in the world. America is trying to stop this human trafficking but Mexican people believe that America has captured their areas Texas, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada & California so they have right to migrate in their own land. American people also love to migrate Mexico due to its beauty.


7-Mexico has more coastline than land borders. It is situated between Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean.


8-Complete name of this country is United States of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos). There are 31 states and one federal city.


9-There are 59 kinds of Mexican corn.


10-There are 68 official languages in Mexico but Spanish is the most spoken language.



11-World’s smallest volcano is also located in Mexico which has height of just 43 feet or 13 meters. Name of this inactive volcano is Cuexcomate volcano.


12-Mexico is also known as home of silver as it is the largest producer of raw silver and its jewelry.


13-Mexico city is sinking every year and it has more than 100000 taxis.



14-Mexico is the largest exporter of high quality beer. Corona is the most famous beer brand of this country.


15-Here in Mexico artists are allowed to pay their government taxes in form of their art work.


16-Mexico introduced chocolate and tomatoes to the whole world. Hot chocolate was a sacred drink in Aztec people.


17-There are three colors in the flag of Mexico i.e red, green and white.


18-Mexico also has a national dog namely Xoloitzcuintli. It is also the smallest dog of the world.


19-There are more than 187 official archaeological sites of belonging to Maya and Aztec civilizations. There are 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites too in this country. Total there are more than 29,000 archaeological sites in Mexico.


20-Its too a fact that the largest and even longest under water cave system is also found in Mexico. Below we have given the general knowledge facts on Mexico in Urdu language. Hopefully you will continue to visit our portal and its GK & MCQs category for improving your GK.



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Top 20 General Knowledge Facts about Mexico in Urdu & English Languages


Top 20 General Knowledge Facts about Mexico in Urdu & English Languages

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