Top Ten Welfare Organizations in Pakistan For Donating Zakat in 2021

Top 10 NGO’S in Pakistan For Giving Zakat, Sadqa & Donations in 2021

Zakat is an obligation on all wealthy Muslims. In Pakistan large number of welfare organizations are working. These welfare organizations accept the Zakat. On this page we are going to share the list of top ten welfare organizations in Pakistan which accept the Zakat. You may donate Zakat online too in the majority of these welfare organizations.



Akhuwat is the best welfare organization in Pakistan. It is famous for giving interest free loans to unemployed people. Now it has extended the circle of its welfare activities. Now it is also providing 100% free education to deserving but talented students.



2-Alkhidmat Foundation
Alkhidmat Foundation is the top Islamic welfare organization in Pakistan. It is working under Jamat e Islami. You can trust on this organization.



3-Edhi Foundation
Edhi foundation was the initiative of Late Abdul Sittar Edhi. Edhi foundation is a soft face of Pakistan. It is serving the humanity in the areas of healthcare, feeding, burial, marriage, missing persons, rehabilitation, morgue, orphanage, education and ambulance services. It has become the largest NGO in Asia. Now a days Faisal Edhi is running this organization.



4-Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital is the brain child of Imran Khan. Here free treatment is given to poor cancer patients.



5-Al Ghazali Education Trust
Al Ghazali Education Trust has opened large number of free school in the rural areas of Pakistan where free quality education is provided to the talented but deserving students.



Siut provide free treatment to the kidney patients. Here no fee is received even from wealthy patients. The Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation is serving in Karachi.



Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust is working against blindness in many cities of Pakistan. Here free eye treatment is provided to all.



8-Chhipa Welfare Association
Ramzan Chippa is the founder of Chhipa Welfare Association. This NGO is working in many areas just like Edhi foundation. Ambulance service, dastarkhawan, orphanage home, morgue ,kitchen, monthly ration distribution, ritual bathing, free ghusal & kaffan, mobile morgue, graveyard, Jhoola, newborn home, old home and women shelter home are some main projects of this welfare organization.



9-Saylani Welfare Trust
Saylani Welfare Trust feeds the homeless people at large scale. Government of Pakistan has also collaborated with this trust for opening dastarkhawans in various cities of country.



10-Indus Hospital
Indus hospital has about 10 branches in the Sindh province, where where 100% free treatment is given to deserving people. It spends more than 10 billion rupees annually on free treatment.



There are lot of other welfare organizations too like Sahara for Life Trust, Alamgir Welfare Trust, Al Mustafa Trust etc which are working for well being of humanity. We have just mentioned top ten trusted welfare organizations in Pakistan which have very impressive tract record. Below you may read the details in Urdu about top ten welfare organizations in Pakistan for giving Zakat in the year 2021. Kindly pay your due Zakat for helping the poor fellow human beings and obeying the order of Almighty Allah.


Top Ten Welfare Organizations in Pakistan For Donating Zakat in 2021

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