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All About UN Free Online Courses (Details in Urdu & English)

Apply Now for United Nations Free Online Programs, Admission in UNO Short Courses
Thousands of scholarships are announced every year globally by international organizations but very limited number of Pakistani students can avail these opportunities. They are not refused for these awards rather they do not have information about these free courses and scholarships. is trying to keep you updated about latest international scholarships and free online classes.



Now United Nations Organization has also launched free online courses. These online courses are being offered in various disciplines. There is no deadline for applying in these UN free online courses. There is no any specific degree is required for admission in these UNO free short courses which are available online only. Students from inter to doctorate level may avail this golden opportunity. Citizens of all countries may get admission in these short courses without any discrimination.



These courses are 100% free as even no certificate fee is received from students. Its a fact that Oxford university and Cambridge university are also offering many free online courses. These courses are free but certificate fee is charged. Although this certificate fee is very nominal but still it is charged, where as UNO free online courses are hundred percent free. You may even get certificate without paying even a penny.



Unicef, WHO, IMF and world bank have also launched few courses. These subordinate bodies of UNO are also offering free online courses. These free courses are related to agriculture, kids, youth, democracy, good governance, education, arms control, environment, climate change, economics, social development, nutrition, healthcare, human rights, human development, international law, international justice system, world trade, Migration, Refugees, natural resources, water conversation, peace, population welfare, demography, sanitation, hygiene, language and gender gap topics.



World bank has launched its separate courses. “Open Learning Campus” is a title of its mega program. Its courses are available in about 20 languages. Unicef is offering 276 free courses. These are also available in various languages and disciplines. IMF offers free online courses related to progress and economical development. More than 60000 students enroll every year in free short courses by IMF. World Health Organization has completed many courses on Covid 19. ILO launches courses related to reforms in the labor sector. These courses are announced in different months of the year. Remember that lot of other international universities and organizations also offer free online courses and scholarships, you just need little research for finding these opportunities related to your field of studies.



Key Features of UN Free Online Courses
You may access the UN free online courses from any PC, tab and cell phone. All courses are verifiable. Support material and tutor facilities are also available. Learning has made easy, simple and flexible. You may also download offline learning material for many courses. Facility of interacting with other students is also provided in form of discussion forums. Digital badges and certificates are awarded on the basis of assessment and assignments. Any UN certificate will add a star in your professional profile. It will help you in finding your dream job. It may also equip you with a demanding skill. Career oriented students must enroll themselves in these United Nations free online courses. Specially this is an ideal opportunity for females and brilliant but deserving students. You just need to have a internet connection and computer/smartphone/tablet for getting benefit from this golden opportunity. You must also consider free courses by Google and Udacity for your quick career development.


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Through below given four links you may access to Agora, OpenWHO, Open Learning Campus (OLC) and edX which are different online platforms of United Nations Organization for offering UN free online courses of different types. In the end of this blog post we have given the details in Urdu language about UNO free online short courses.

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All About UN Free Online Courses (Details in Urdu & English)

All About UN Free Online Courses 2021 (Details in Urdu & English)