What is Dermatology? BS Dermatology Scope in Pakistan, Jobs, Universities, Salary

What is Cosmetology? Career & Scope of BS Dermal Science or BS Dermatology in Pakistan, Job Options, Institutes, Pay & Tips
Today we are going to discuss all the aspects of dermatology and BS dermatology scope in Pakistan. If you are a FSc pre medical student then you must read this article from a to z for detailed career counseling guide about this emerging medical discipline.


What is Dermatology?
The basic definition is, “dermatology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the study of diseases and injuries of the skin, hair, and nails.” Dermatologists treat conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. They also perform cosmetic procedures, including tattoo removal, chemical peels, and facials. Dermatologists may specialize in areas of the skin, or they can be generalists who practice across multiple aspects of dermatology. Dermatologists can diagnose skin problems and treat many conditions that affect the skin. They can also prescribe medication to treat specific conditions. Dermatology includes a wide range of procedures and therapies that are used to diagnose and treat conditions of the skin.


Dermatologists are not all the same. They specialize in different fields, and some are just better than others. Some dermatologists are really good at giving skin care advice; others excel at cosmetic surgery. Below studsolutions.pk has given a video of its sister youtube channel on scope of BS dermatology in Pakistan.


What is Dermatology? BS Dermatology Scope in Pakistan, Jobs, Universities, Salary

What is Dermatology? BS Dermatology Scope in Pakistan, Jobs, Universities, Salary


Importance of Dermatologists & Cosmetologists in Society
It’s estimated that more than 7% of the world’s population (about 2 billion people) suffer from some form of skin disease. And since many cases are not diagnosed properly, they are often misdiagnosed as an allergy, a rash, a virus, etc. The problem is that in many cases, skin problems are not caused by viruses, allergies, or rashes. They are caused by something more serious such as an allergic reaction to chemicals or medications, or an autoimmune disorder. Only qualified dermatologists can diagnose and treat such diseases, that’s why all around the world there is a great demand of qualified skin specialists or dermatologists/Cosmetologist.



Scope of Dermatology/Cosmetology in Pakistan
The scope of dermatology/Cosmetology in Pakistan can be determined by evaluating the demand for it, the available human resources (doctors) and the financial status of the country. According to the data from the Department of Health, there is a shortage of qualified dermatologists in Pakistan. The number of dermatologists in the country is less than the estimated requirement for medical practitioners. The situation is even worse in rural areas. The country’s population consists of more than 200 million people. This means that there are more than 500,000 people in need of medical services like dermatology. This is the reason why the government of Pakistan had started a national project to increase the number of doctors in the country.



Why Is It Essential to Develop Skin Care in Pakistan?
It is a fact that there are several skin care problems, especially in Pakistan, which people often neglect. Skin health is something that everyone should care for. Today, many people are suffering from various kinds of skin problems but they have no access to qualified skins specialists Pakistan lacks dermatologists.



Importance of Skin Care
The skin, the largest organ of the human body is the outer covering of our bodies. It protects us from injuries and also allows the exchange of energy and moisture. So, it is very important to take proper care of the skin. The skin needs to be kept clean and moisturized. Moisture is essential for the growth of the skin cells, which are responsible for maintaining the skin elasticity and keeping the skin firm and beautiful.



Why Is Dermatology/Cosmetology Important?
To make sure that the skin gets the proper nutrients, the body needs to absorb all the essential vitamins, minerals and other components that are present in food. These elements must be absorbed through the skin. That is why dermatologists play such a crucial role in maintaining the overall health of the skin. They screen people for any potential problems in the body and help them to address those problems.



Shortcut of Becoming Dermatologist in Pakistan
Regular route to become a dermatologist in Pakistan is going for specialization after MBBS, but now you may become dermatologist in Pakistan after FSc pre medical through by getting admission is BS Dermatology and BS Dermal Sciences. Duration of this degree is 4 years which consist of 8 semesters of six months duration each. TUF is offering BS Dermal Sciences degree which has 10 semesters and duration of 5 years. Minimum 50% marks are needed for getting admission in BS Dermatology program. In private sector at present per semester fee is about 140000 rupees.



Scope of BS Dermatology & BS Dermal Sciences
BS dermatology has become the most popular BS degree program among FSc pre medical students of Pakistan, specially females are taking more interest in this program. Students are preferring this program on DPT and Pharm D due to its great scope in Pakistan. You may earn 100000 to 500000 rupees per month in Pakistan as a dermatologist. You may get jobs in cosmetics industry, public sector hospitals, private hospitals, research labs, medical labs, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutes, health department and cosmetic research centers. You may easily get abroad job too. BS dermal sciences holders assist the dermatologists as integral part of their skin care team. They can guide the females about skin care and cosmetic processes. They can work as cosmetologist, dermatology associate and skin care practitioner. They can perform nonsurgical cosmetics procedures independently.



Subjects Taught in BS Dermatology & BS Dermal Sciences
Following subjects are covered in BS Derma Sciences and BS Dermatology in Pakistani universities;
Biochemistry, Islamic Studies, Research Methodology, Physiology, Regulation/Legislation of Cosmetic Products. Anatomy, Aging Process, Organic Chemistry, English, Skin Care in All Ages, Psychology, Adverse Effects of Cosmetics & Drugs, Inflammatory Skin Diseases, Lasers in Aesthetics, Infections & Infestations, Disorders of Pigmentation, Research Project, Supervised Skin Care Practice, Pharmacology, Structure and Function of Skin, Formation & Quality by Design of Cosmetics, Cosmetic procedures, Cosmetic Allergies, Sociology, Principles of Nutrition & Health, Clinical Photography, Patient Care, Non Surgical Cosmetic Intervention, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Photobiology & Phototherapy, Perfumery, Dermatology & Internal Medicine, Pathology, Cosmetic Sciences, Therapeutics, Community Dermatology, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, Biostatistics, Hair, Nails & Mucosal Disorders, Psychosocial Impact of Skin Disease & Health Economics, Teledermatology, Manufacture & Quality Control of Cosmetics and Wound management.


Universities offering BS Dermatology & BS Dermal Sciences Programs in Pakistan
Green University Lahore, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, The University of Faisalabad, Khawaja Fareed University Of Engineering, KEMC, PG Medical Institute General Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Federal PG Medical Institute Lahore and Dow University of Health Sciences & Information Technology are offering BS Dermatology degree in Pakistan.



How To Make Money as Dermatologist or Cosmetologist?
So, if you’re a dermatologist who wants to make money online, where can you start? Here’s a list of some ideas for dermatology-related websites:

1. A blog that focuses on beauty treatments and skin care tips that would help people with their skin problems.
2. A youtube channel about new skin treatments or medical devices.

3. A facebook page about how to get rid of acne.

4. A pintrest page about the latest in skincare technology and techniques.

5.A instagram page that covers skin health and disease.

6. A website that focuses on cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery, or dermatological conditions.

7. A telegram channel that covers dermatological diseases, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne.



Final Thoughts

There is no entry test for admission in BS Dermatology or BS Dermal Sciences and its merit is also very low as compared to other medical programs, so study solutions highly recommend this degree program for those students who are searching for best alternative of MBBS. But remember that if you want to become full fledged Cosmetologist or dermatologist then you will have to go for specialization in the said area after MBBS. Wish you best of luck.

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