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What Is The Background of Conflict Between Russia & Ukraine? Who is Putin?

Current Affairs-Russia Invasion of Ukraine Explained-Who is Vladimir Putin & What are Its Plans?
Welcome to our new current affairs post on background of conflict between Russia & Ukraine. Ukraine was part of former USSR before 1992. Now Ukraine was trying to become the member of NATO and this was the bone of contention between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is second largest country of Europe after Russia. It is mainly a agricultural country. Ethnically majority of people of both these countries are from Slavic family.



What Is The Background of Conflict Between Russia & Ukraine? Who is Putin?

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Russia Vs Ukraine
Russia has second most powerful army of the world after USA while Ukraine army’s number is 22nd out of 140 top armies of the world. Russia has army troops of about 1 million and its size is about five time greater than Ukraine which has approximately 200000 regular troops. Russia is also the second largest atomic power of the world. Even its traditional bomb FOAB (Father of all Bombs) is very fatal and can destroy a small city. Ukraine fulfill the European demand of food items, while Russia fulfill the gas demand of EU countries. For more information about Russia read our following post;


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Background of Conflict Between Russia & Ukraine
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was expecting good treatment and support from Western & EU countries. Earlier Russia tried to become the part of NATO and EU, but was not allowed to join these distinguished clubs of nations. Ex Russian states were welcomed in NATO and EU. Now NATO was going to make Ukraine its full member. As i told you above that ethnically both countries have same roots and Russia shares 2000 km boarder with Ukraine. It was hard for President Putin to allow NATO to reach its border areas. This act of Western countries was just like crossing the red line for Russia. Putin was noticing the attitude of USA and Western countries. He first focused on getting economic stability.


Now Russia have foreign reserves of 600 billion rupees, and these foreign reserves are not US dollar based. Russia also planned to grow and produce all the products of its need within the country for facing the future expected sanctions on it after its any offensive act. Now Russia is not ready to allow NATO to reach its borders. This was the main reason of Russian aggression on Ukraine. Unlike expectations NATO and US are not defending Ukraine against Russia. People are also saying that if Russia is invader than who invaded Iraq,Vietnam and Afghanistan in near past. But remember that no one has right to blame the victim. Such people have negative thinking.


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Who is Vladimir Putin & What are His Future Plans?
Vladimir Putin was a spy in KGB. He has seen the golden era of USSR and he has a dream of making Russia a super power and USSR again. He has complete planning for achieving his goal. He want to turn the world again into bipolar world. He has strictly warned the western countries not to interfere in is war against Ukraine otherwise they will have to face adverse consequences. Just Belarus and China are supporting Putin. China is minutely observing the reaction of NATO and West on Russian aggression as China is also committed to invade Taiwan in future.


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Axis of these powers are going to introduce rather impose a new world order after USA withdrawal from Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden is playing the role of Neville Chamberlain in this conflict. Russia and China are playing the role of Germany and Japan. Everyone was expecting third world war on Russian invasion of Ukraine, but no physical reaction was noted. It seems that third world war will not even start after the same action by China on Taiwan in future. Lets see what happen next. Read our following current affairs post too;


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Note-We strongly condemn war and stand with the victims in all conflicts including Ukraine.

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