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General Knowledge About Russia in Urdu & English-Unique GK Facts

Improve Your General Knowledge About Russia-Interesting Facts in English and Urdu 
Russia has made itself to be one of the largest countries in terms of the area. It has been covered at the area of around 17 million sq km (6.6 million sq miles) that has been around one ninth of Earth’s terrestrial area. Russia is also having the longest railway in the world known as Trans-Siberia. It has been spanning into the whole country that is departing at the area of Moscow in west and then traveling to the area of Vladivostok in the east. This whole journey is around 9,200 km long (5,700 miles) and will probably be taking the time of around 152 hours and 27 minutes to finish it as non-stop.



Russia has been positioned in between the Asia and Europe. This means that one placement of its territory is located in Europe and one is located in Asia. In this way around 22% of its population is currently living in Asian section.



Russians are having the world’s fourth biggest drinkers just as the behind Belarus, as well as Moldova and Lithuania. This probably explains the fact that why one out of five male deaths in the Russia are completely alcohol related.



St Basil’s Cathedral in the Moscow was initially created by the Postnik Yakovlev. They are having more number of time zones in their country as compared to rest of the countries. There was a time when it was just 11 and now they have only 9. Russia’s Lake Baikal is known out to be the deepest inside the world. It is included about 20% of the basic worlds unfrozen freshwater.



Russia is the main home to Oymyakon which is the coldest inhabited place on this Earth. In the year 1908, the Russian Olympic team all the more arrived in London in just 12 days late just as because it was using the Julian calendar. Russia is having one of the most dangerous lakes in world. It is known as Lake Karachay which is located near the Russian Urals city of Chelyabinsk. It is basically a dumping ground for the nuclear waste and is basically working as the radioactive.



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Russia has been sharing its border with rest of the 14 countries. In such countries we have the name of Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and North Korea. No other country in the world is having that much borders. Russia is also known out to be the highest point in the Europe. Russia has the size which is as big as the Pluto. It is around 17 million sq km which is compared to the Pluto at 17.6 million sq km. At their closest point, Russia plus the US are only 4 km apart. More general knowledge based facts about Russia have been given in Urdu below this page. Here is a useful GK based link of our portal about Maldives in Urdu language;



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General Knowledge About Russia in Urdu & English-Unique GK Facts


General Knowledge About Russia in Urdu & English-Unique GK Facts