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Assistant Commissioner Powers, Protocol, Salary, Duties, Tips For Becoming AC in Pakistan

How To Become AC in Pakistan? Assistant Commissioner Responsibilities, Pay & Tips
Assistant Commissioner is also known as AC. Assistant Commissioner is and entry level jobs after competition exam in Pakistan like PMS and CSS. Even after separation of judiciary form administration and devolution of powers still Assistant Commissioner post has lot of powers and authority. AC controls the Tehsil of sub district. He is an important pillar in district management. In British era Assistant Commissioner was considered king of his area. You can read famous book Shahab Nama for having an idea about powers of Assistant Commissioner in the Raj era. Remember that AC income tax is a separate post in the FBR.


Assistant Commissioner Powers, Protocol, Salary, Duties, Tips For Becoming AC in Pakistan

Assistant Commissioner Powers, Protocol, Salary, Duties, Tips For Becoming AC in Pakistan


Responsibilities & Powers of AC (Assistant Commissioner)
1-Assistant Commissioner is responsible to monitor and supervision of revenue department in his Tehsil. He acts as a collector in the area of his jurisdiction.

2-AC represents of the government at sub district level.

3-He also have judiciary powers in revenue area he listen appeals against the decisions of Tehsildars.

4-Assistant Commissioner is also responsible to help the victims of natural disasters in his Tehsil.

5-He also acts as driving license issuance authority in his area of jurisdiction.

6-He supervise the encroachments removal campaigns.

7-He provide protocol to the higher officials of the government who visit his Tehsil off and on.

8-He inspects the local government institutes and departments like schools and health centers.

9-He controls the prices of daily use items in his sub district because he also play the role of price magistrate.

10-He has official rights to attest the documents & domiciles.

11-He arranges annual audit of all Tehsil offices.

12-AC is responsible to reconcile accounts and expenditures of his Tehsil.

13-He supervises Polio, Corona virus and other vaccination campaigns. He monitors civic service, traffic plans, bus addas and developmental projects in his area.

14-He is responsible to assist and obey DC and DCO.

15-AC is also involve in the process of wheat procurement.

16-In some areas where there is still magistrate system AC is also responsible to maintain law and order in his Tehsil. In these areas he liaison with the police for the harmony and checking law and order.

17-Consolidation of land, Land transfer approval, deeds approval are also duties of AC.

18-He is also responsible to perform any other task assigned by government.



How to Become an Assistant Commissioner (AC) in Pakistan?

In Pakistan you may become Assistant Commissioner through CSS, PMS and departmental promotion. Required qualification for CSS and PMS is just simple graduation i.e BA, BSc, ADP with second division. After selection through PMS or CSS candidates have to undergo through the special training. We have published following articles at for guiding the students about clearing CSS and PMS exams;


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Career & Promotion of Assistant Commissioner
During their service AC can reach to the posts of DC, DCO, Deputy Secretary, Additional Secretary and even Chief Secretary.



AC (Assistant Commissioner) Salary & Benefits
Assistant Commissioner gets the salary of 17 grade with lot of allowances. They also enjoys lot of other facilities like house, car, guards and servants at home. In many tehsils houses of AC are in acres. In this post authority and powers are more than salary. If you are fond of protocol and power then you must try to become Assistant Commissioner.



AC Vs ASP (Who is More Powerful?)
After CSS you may also become ASP in the police department. Both posts are of Tehsil level and have lot of powers and protocol, but AC still considered more powerful than ASP as powers of ASP are just restricted to police department where as powers of AC are of multidimensional type. Its an entirely wrong perception that after devolution of powers Assistant Commissioner has lost its authority and power. AC can even ask ASP to investigate, arrest a person. He can order ASP to stop any public meeting. He has judicial authority too. He can file complaint against ASP to government.



Post of Assistant Commissioner is still very attractive for CSS and PMS aspirants. Its not easy to become AC, you will have to follow the tips given by study solutions for clearing the competitive exam. You must have believe in yourself. Last but not least just hard work is key for becoming Assistant Commissioner. Your hard work of just one or two years can change your future and fate. Best of luck. Now in the last do watch following video of famous educational youtube channel SA Vlogs Family on powers, protocol and salary of Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan;