Career & Scope of Sports Science (Physical Education) Courses, Eligibility, Jobs & Tips

What is The Scope of Sports Sciences in Pakistan? Career Counseling in Urdu and English

Have you been thinking about making your future in the field of sport sciences? Do you want to know that how you can study the course of sport sciences and make yourself to be the successful part of this department?


To solve all your queries, here we have a quick guide for you as a helping hand! Let’s discuss about what sports science (Physical Education) is all about!



Education of Sports Science or Physical Education
There have been so many educational institutions in Pakistan who are offering education related with the sports science and physical education for the students. Some of the centers even offer 4 years of bachelor program in the field of physical education. We have the top leading names of Gomal University, University of Punjab, Karachi University, Government College University and so many more.


What are the Requirements of Admission?
If you want to apply 4 years of BSC in Physical education, then you should have a degree of intermediate with the score of 50% marks by a college certified by HEC. In this degree, a student will get a basic knowledge about different aspects of sport sciences and physical education. They will also be taught about the importance of the health exercise for the body system.


If you have covered your degree in the required sports course, then you can easily make your way inside the different fields related with the sports sciences and physical education. With the passage of time the demand of physical consultant occupation is getting extremely high in Pakistan. Plus, you can also apply for the international sports coaching centers for a high training regards.


Exercise Physiologist
Exercise physiologists is the one who will analyze their all patients’ fitness with which it will help them to improve their overall health and also to maintain a good health. They will also help the patients who are having heart diseases or other sort of chronic conditions such as diabetes or the pulmonary (lung) disease just to regain their health.


Athletics Trainer
Athletic trainers are even known by the name of ATs. They hence specialize through the management, or prevention, as well as recovery of certain injured athletes. Plus these Athletic trainers will also collaborate with professional doctors just to provide the needed emergency and even a complete follow-up care. Plus they do even develop the injury prevention as well as treatment programs for the injured athletes.


Dietitian and Nutrition
Nutritionists and dietitians work as the health professionals who are accountable to create diets for the people. Hence teaching patients about the healthy eating is their primary duty or staying aware of the developments over the medicine and nutrition.


Normally they are working as experts over the usage of the food and nutrition to completely promote health and even manage disease. They often advise people related with eat in order to somehow lead a healthy lifestyle or even to achieve a basic specific health-related goal. For more tips on scope of sports science or physical education read our following posts;


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Career & Scope of Sports Science (Physical Education) Courses, Eligibility, Jobs & Tips


Career & Scope of Sports Science (Physical Education) Courses, Eligibility, Jobs & Tips

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