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Digiskills Free IT Courses 2023 with Monthly Stipend For Students of Balochistan

VU & Ignite Announces Admission 2023 in Digiskills Free Computer Courses 2023 with Monthly Stipend of Rs 100 For Students From Balochistan Province
Ministry of information technology and telecom government of Pakistan has announced free it training course with monthly stipend for students from Balochistan. 15 high demand digital skills will be taught to youngsters under this new scheme. Digiskills and VU will conduct the training in Balochistan. After this IT training you will be able to earn money online. Following short IT courses are being offered for youth of Balochistan;


WordPress (Learn to make website without coding)
AutoCAD (Learn to create 2D and 3D models and construction drawings)
Creative Writing (Learn to write creatively on any topic)
SEO (Learn how to rank a website in Google search)
Freelancing (Learn how to make money online through upwork, freelancer and fiverr while staying at home)
Digital Literacy (Learn basic of computing)
QuickBooks (Learn computerized accounting)
Digital Marketing (Learn how to sell online)
E-Commerce (Learn how to make online e-commerce store)
Graphic Design (Become a graphic designer)


New Digiskills Courses

Five new courses have also been launched. Now students may also get admission in the 3 months duration courses of Virtual Assistant, Video Editing Animation & Vlogging, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Affiliate Marketing and Communication & Soft Skills. is a leading provider of free online IT courses in Pakistan. Founded in 2014 offers a wide range of courses that cover everything from basic computer literacy to more advanced topics such as web development and graphic design.


Since its launching has helped thousands of Pakistani students gain the skills they need to get ahead in the competitive IT field. In addition to its comprehensive course offerings also provides students with access to a community of like-minded learners where they can share ideas and resources. Following post of will provide you more information about Digiskills;


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Benefits of Digiskills Courses

The Digiskills courses are very beneficial for those who want to improve their digital skills. The courses are 100% online and can be taken at any time making them very flexible. They are also job and skills oriented. In addition the courses are taught by experts in the field and are therefore of a high quality. Finally the courses offer a wide range of topics from social media to web design so there is something for everyone.


Digiskills LMS Guide For Beginners-Login, FAQ


Monthly Stipend & Contact Information

Special training centers have been established in three universities of Balochistan. Students who will get training in the centers will be given 1500 rupees stipend. Training centers have been established in Balochistan UET Khuzdar, University of Turbat, Turbat and University of Gwadar, Gwadar. Students from province Balochistan must avail this golden opportunity by getting admission in these free digiskills courses. For admission 2023 interested students are directed to visit https://www/ For any further details about digiskills courses you may call at 0333-7981597, 0321-2458359 and 0331-3721772.


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Digiskills Free IT Courses 2023 with Monthly Stipend For Students of Balochistan

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