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Earn Money Online with Saas Business in Pakistan, Super Tips on Software as a Service

What is Saas? How To Make Money Through Software as a Service? Tips & Tricks for Beginners
Our software industry can earn billions of rupees through the Saas business. You just need to understand the concept of Saas business and add it in to your future wish-list. Saas stands for Software as a Service. Saas applications are also known as web based software. Saas provider gives the access to app, manages fool-free cloud security and provides the maintenance services too. Foodpanda runs zero restaurants, but this company is earning billion of rupees from the restaurant industry. They take up to 24 percent profit from the sale of their partner restaurants. They earn billion of rupees just because of providing Saas service to the restaurants. Justeat is a UK based company which is providing similar services in United Kingdom.


Earn Money Online with Saas Business in Pakistan, Super Tips on Software as a Service

Earn Money Online with Saas Business in Pakistan, Super Tips on Software as a Service


At present American and Indian software experts are earning billion of dollars through Saas business. Even in Pakistani banks like Meezan bank and Dubai Islamic Bank SAAS service is provided by Indian software experts.Now its the turn of Pakistani youngsters to understand the importance of Saas for earning through software as a service business. We are not against India, its world of competition, we just want to encourage Pakistani talent to get their share from Saas business.



Same is the case with Uber and cream. Both these companies own not a single taxi, but still have become the leader of transportation business. They are also taking 20% profit share from their partner taxis. Now Uber has bought cream. Daraz is a local example in Pakistan. Earlier software was sold now it is provided as a service. Pakistani software experts need to create SAAS products of future to meed the local and international needs. We do need large number of SAAS experts.



In this field idea is key to success. Think an awesome idea, make a Saas product on it and work hard for its promotion in start. Your hard work in this field will pay you a lot after success of your idea and Saas product. Later on in your whole life you will get the contentious reward of your initial handwork without any hassle. Marriage portals are also example of Saas. Pakistan still don’t have a mega matrimonial site. So there is lot of room available in this field. Creative minded hard working software experts who have also full command over SEO and SMO must enter in the field of SAAS business.



First try to study the successful models in this field. Try to explore their strengths which helped them in capturing the markets. You can not compete foodpanda in the start, as such multinational companies have become giants. They even buy their competitors. So start with a new idea for avoiding competition in the initial stage of your online business. If you develop an app for beautician, you may earn a lot without opening a single beauty saloon. If you make an app for tailors you can earn a lot from tailors without knowing the ABC of tailoring.



Saas startups can easily get funding if they have innovative ideas as saas based products are very attractive for investors. Now federal ministry of Pakistan is also providing funding to such startups. Job should not be your ultimate aim of software engineers, they should go for launching their own Saas products for becoming a entrepreneur in future. Future of IT industry is all about Saas products so please think seriously about earning money through software as a service business option. Try to find your first job in Saas company which deals with Saas software. Our best wishers are with our software engineers who have interest in SAAS field. Read following three related articles too;


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