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General Knowledge About Pakistan Affairs, Sample Paper

Its our fourth Post in general knowledge Pakistan Studies category. Students who want to appear in  CSS, PMS, PCS, ISSB and NTS tests should read these general knowledge information about Pakistan.


1-Siachen is the longest glacier in Pakistan.
2-Warsak Dam was built on the river Kabul.
3-Qila Saifullah in Balochistan is famous for pistachio nuts.
4-World biggest irrigation system is in Pakistan.
5-The length of border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is approximately 2200 kilometer.
6-The total length of line of control in Kashmir is about 720 km.
7-The atomic energy commission of Pakistan was established in 1956.
8-Karachi nuclear power plant was established with the assistance of Canada in 1972.
9-Chashma nuclear plant was established with the assistance of China.
10-The range of Ghori-2 long range missile is 1500 km.


General Knowledge About Pakistan Studies For ISSB, NTS, CSS & PMS

11-Jinnah the only movie on Quaid-e-Azam was produced by Akbar S Ahmad.
12-Hadood ordinance was introduced in 1979.
13-Quoram for national assembly is 1/4 of the total members.
14-Pakistan launched its first satellite Badar-1 on 16th of July 1990.
15-Pakistan is hosting largest number of refugees in the world.
16-Government has given incentives for growing black tea at Manshera.
17-The ratio of male and female population is equal in Rawalpindi.
18-Sindh is the most urbanized province in Pakistan.
19-Pakistan is situated on tropic of cancer.
20-Harappa near the Sahiwal was center of Indus valley civilization.


21-National police academy is situated in Islamabad.
22-The cultural center of Gandhara civilization was situated at Taxila.
23-Nawab Shah (Sindh) is famous for the production of dates.
24-Second largest glacier in Pakistan is Hisper.
25-Haleji lake (Sindh) is considered Asia’s greatest reserve of migratory birds.


general knowledge about Pakistan

General Knowledge Pakistan Studies-3

26-The largest desert of Pakistan is Thar which is located in Sindh.
27-The largest agency of FATA in term of area is South Waziristan.
28-Sindh province is 20 feet higher than sea level.
29-The fourth SAARC conference was held from 29th to 31st December, 1988 in Islamabad.
30-Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi was the first care taker prime minister of Pakistan.

31-Pakistan became the member of NAM on 6th of September, 1979.
32-Total number of seats of Punjab Assembly are 271.
33-Total number of seats in Balochistan Assembly are 65.
34-Total number of seats of Sindh Assembly are 148.
35-Total number of seats in KPK Assembly are 124.
36-Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot was the first Chief Minister of Punjab after independence.
37-Pakistan forest institution is situated in Peshawar.
38-Hasan Askari Rizvi wrote the famous book “Military and politics in Pakistan”
39-Sui (Balochistan is the largest gas field in Pakistan.
40- Sukkur barrage is the oldest barrage on river Indus.


General Knowledge on Pakistan Studies For Job Tests

41-Pakistan became the member of World Bank on 9th of July, 1950.
42-Hatf was the first missile launched by Pakistan.
43-Durand line was drawn in1919.
44-The duration of our national anthem is one minute and 20 seconds.
45-The range of Shaheen one missile is 750 km.
46-Anza-1 is surface to air missile.
47-Pakistan conducted five nuclear explosions on 28th of May 1998.
48-Pakistan recognize the People Republic of China on 4th January, 1950.
49-Pakistan manufactured the first modern tank with the assistance of People Republic of China 0n 23rd March, 2000.
50-Pakistan shares 592 km long common border with China.


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