How to Become a Barrister? Scope of Bar at Law in Pakistan, LLM Vs Bar-at-Law

Who is a Barrister? What is Bar at Law? What is Scope of Bar-at-Law in Pakistan, Comparison Between Bar at Law & LLB, How to Become a Barrister?

What is Bar at Law?

A Bar at Law is a professional title used in the United Kingdom Ireland Malta and some Commonwealth countries by lawyers who are barristers. Becoming a barrister is a long and arduous process that requires years of training and experience. Quaid e Azam, Mahatma Gandhi, Aitzaz Ahsan, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan and Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy were also Barrister.


How to Become a Barrister?

There is no one route to becoming a barrister However there are a number of stages that are usually followed The first stage is to obtain a qualifying law degree from an accredited law school After graduation you will need to complete a one-year pupillage with a barrister. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the profession and develop your skills Finally you will need to pass the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).



LLM Vs Bar at Law
An LLM is a postgraduate degree which allows students to specialize in a particular area of law It is an internationally recognized qualification and many employers look for LLMs on Vs A Bar at Law is a qualification which allows you to become a Barrister To become a Barrister you first need to be admitted as a Solicitor (a lawyer who can represent clients in court) This is done by passing the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).


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How to Become a Barrister? Scope of Bar at Law in Pakistan, LLM Vs Bar-at-Law

How to Become a Barrister? Scope of Bar at Law in Pakistan, LLM Vs Bar-at-Law


The Bar at Law is a professional association that confers the title of Barrister and Solicitor. The main advantage of being a member of the Bar at Law is that it gives you the ability to practice law in any jurisdiction in Canada, UK, Australia and all common wealth countries.


Who is a Barrister? Difference Between Lawyer/Advocate & Barrister?
Barrister enjoy great respect among lawyers in Pakistan. They are considered expert of common law. Bar-at-Law has become a status symbol too in our society. One have to pay high fees for becoming barrister. Practically speaking just LLB degree is enough for practicing in courts of law. If you can not bear the fees for becoming a barrister, then emphasize on your legal practice. There is no difference between advocate and Barrister as far as legal practice in concerned. Increase your social activities and legal knowledge. Appear in civil judge exam and after success in legal practice or becoming a civil judge go for Bar at Law.


Syllabus of Bar at Law
Bar at Law training covers general advocacy skills, civil litigation, law evidence, dispute resolution, conference skills, criminal litigation, sentencing, legal drafting, pleading, legal research, opinion writing skills and professional legal ethics.


Qualities Required For Becoming a Barrister?

You must have exceptional speaking talent and be able to express yourself clearly. You need to be able to convince others that you’re right. You have to be able to speak eloquently and persuasively in court. You are expected to be persuasive & strong-willed in court. You must be able to handle pressure, be calm under fire, and have the ability to speak persuasively.


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Although the role of a barrister is not as important as the facts & the evidence in determining the final decision of a case, the legal system that we have in United Kingdom or Pakistan or other common law jurisdictions requires the role of a barrister or lawyer.


You feel you’re not as good as your opponent, and that you’ll lose the case. Public speaking is a big part of a barrister’s job. You have to have good Interpersonal skills to be a barrister. The court’s proceeding will surprise you a lot in the start. Late nights and high pressure of court proceedings make dealing with stress important for you.You have to face financial problems at the start of your legal career, because earning in this field comes slowly in the start. You have to be very competitive and hardworking in nature.


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For becoming a barrister first after A-Level or intermediate you will have to get admission in 5 years LLB program. University of London external LLB programs are now also available in Pakistan. There is no difference in these local and international LLB degree as outcome of both is same. After completion of LLB you may go for Bar a Law in any of the 4 Inns. Majority of Pakistani students prefer Lincoln’s Inn for becoming a barrister as it was the Inn from where founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah became barrister.



Conclusion: Becoming a barrister is not easy, but it is worth it! Follow these steps and you will be on your way to becoming a barrister.


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Important Note-Now route to qualifying as a barrister has been changed, which we shall discuss soon. Traditional route of Bar at Law will continue till 2022 then 3 different routes will be introduced for becoming a barrister, which will be more accessible, flexible and affordable in nature. Try to visit daily for reading more career counseling based articles.



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