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How To Differentiate Between Internship Program & Fellowship Program?

Difference Between Internship Program & Fellowship Program-Guide in Urdu & English
Do you want to know what is the key difference between the internship program & fellowship program? Well both of these programs have been playing an important role to polish your inside skills of making your future stronger and improved. So right here in this blog we will let you know about what are the main differences between the internship programs and fellowship programs. We shall guide you in Both Urdu and English languages. Hopefully after clearing your concept you will try to find a dream internship or fellowship for your rapid career  growth.



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All about Internship Program
In this program, normally the students of the graduate educational degrees will be making themselves connected with some organizations or the institution to improve their skills and working capacities for a better future working. Some students do choose the internship program at the time when they are right in the timeline of the graduation degree. Some universities even allow their enrolled students to move into internship when they are studying so they can familiarize themselves with the working system.



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Guide about Fellow Ship Program
In this program, you have to step into the professional environment in which you will be improving your development at a professional growth. Students will be working on some project for which they will be assigned a time period as a target. This can help the students to improve their career choices.



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Difference of Program Qualification
Now let’s talk about the differences in the term of qualification! Any student no matter whether they are in the school or in the college degree levels, they can move in the internship sector according to their qualification scenario. But as regard the other system of fellowship program is mentioned mostly the students of the graduate degree or the post graduate degree will be part of this program.



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Difference in Program Applications
If you want to step up in the internship program, then make sure you don’t forget to submit your CV in the center or the institute in which you want to perform the internship duty. You even have to submit the application letter by the side of your university allowing you to do the internship.



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In the timeline of fellowship program, you have to wait a bit because the whole process of the fellowship program will probably take a few days to get accepted. You have to attach the letter of fellowship program along with the written essay, and with maximum 2 reference, along with the project proposal.



Difference of Working Job Hours
The program of Internship is categorized into paid as well as non-paid mediums. For the internship program you have to work for maximum 8 hours. In some of the companies the internship time duration is around three months and some might offer you for 8 months. For the contrary program of fellowship, the time duration of working will be around three months which might last for around one year as well. You have to employ yourself in the working hours like an ordinary office day from 9-5. If your concepts are still not clear about the difference between internship program and fellowship program then read the Urdu article given below:


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How To Differentiate Between Internship Program & Fellowship Program?


How To Differentiate Between Internship Program & Fellowship Program?