How To Study Effectively During Ramadan? Top 10 Exam Preparation Tips For Ramazan

Top Ten Super Tips For Clearing Exams During Ramazan
Holy month of Ramadan is very important for all Muslims. Students should also fast in this month as fasting is good both for your physical and mental health. Fasting can not affect your studies in this month if you follow our super tips. On this page we shall share top ten super tips for exam preparation during the month of Ramadan.


Top 10 Super Tips For Effective Studies During Ramadan

1-You should not sleep after Sehr in Ramadan as it is an ideal time for studies. You will not forget any thing which you will remember by heart early in the morning. With the fresh mind you may easily understand any topic of your syllabus. This time is also best for revision. Remember that offering the Fajr prayer is very important at this time as it will keep you active after Sehr. You must not sleep after Fajr till Dhur prayer.



2-Never eat too much in Sehr and Iftar as it may disturb your digestive system and you will go to sleep after filling your stomach. Drink plenty of water from Maghrib to Fajr.



How To Study Effectively During Ramadan? Top 10 Exam Preparation Tips For Ramazan

3-Sleep from Dhuhr prayer to Asr prayer. In night you must sleep after Isha prayer till Sehr timing.


4-Never think that you can not study effectively while fasting. Program your mind in a way that it start believing on benefits of Ramadan for your exam preparation. For this purpose you may use the technique of self suggestion.


5-Two hours before the Iftar are very important for students as it is the right time for memorizing anything. Your mental abilities are at their peak in these two hours.



6-Read the most difficult topics at the time of sleeping and repeat them after getting up for Sehr. This simple technique is very effective for understanding and memorizing the most difficult concepts of your syllabus.


7-Set your weekly study goals during Ramadan. On each Sunday you must revise the completed syllabus.



8-Breaks for daily prayers are very important for keeping you alert and active. You must do fresh Wudu with fresh water before each prayer.



9-You must eat health food during Sehr and Iftar like eggs, meat, salad, milk, vegetables, pulses, chicken, beef, fruits, fish and dry fruit. Avoid eating junk and oily food. Take fresh juices instead of cold drinks.


Diet Plan For Ramazan (Sehri & Iftar)


10-If your exams are near then first prepare the past papers and important questions first. You may also utilize model papers and guess papers.



Last but not least prepare a study time table for the month of Ramadan as per your ease and follow it with full commitment. Keep all the fasts of Ramazan and pray for us too.



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