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MBBS Vs BDS, Doctor or Dentist, Which Profession is Best For You?

Dentistry Vs Medicine, BDS or MBBS, Which Degree Has More Scope in Pakistan?
Dentistry and Medicine both are medical fields. Students all over the world dream to become doctor or dentist. It is a common question which profession one should choose. There are pros and cons to both professions. In this article of study solutions we shall compare both these fields in detail including their scope in Pakistan. Lets compare MBBS with BDS;



History of Medicine & Dentistry Fields

A dentist is a professional who treats patients with dental problems. He is called a dentist because he uses tools and skills to treat dental problems. A doctor is a professional who treats patients with medical problems. He is called a doctor because he uses knowledge and skills to treat medical problems. The profession of dentistry dates back nearly 2,500 years to Ancient Egypt. It was the ancient Egyptians who first used the dental tools, which we now know as dental instruments, to care for their teeth and gums. The Greeks and Romans knew about barbers and other health professionals who treated dental problems, but the Romans were probably the first to use the term “dentista”. Ancient Rome had a special place in the history of dentistry.


MBBS Vs BDS, Doctor or Dentist, Which Profession is Best For You?

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Today, the Romans are remembered for their famous historical teeth. Mildred Fowler, the first English dentist, was born in 1876. Another important British dentist was Bert Heller Cox, who became Mif the Eunister of Health for Great Britain and was responsible for dental care in his country from 1946-1955. Fatima Jinnah was also a dentist by profession. The term “physician” comes from the Greek word for “healer” and referred to any to heal the patient.



What is Dentistry?

Dentistry is the practice of restoring and maintaining oral health. Dentists use a variety of techniques to treat patients, including fillings, extractions, and root canals. They may also recommend preventive measures, such as brushing and flossing. Dentists typically have a four-year degree in dental medicine.


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What is Medicine?

Medicine is the practice of healing and keeping people healthy. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medicine is a complex, diverse field that requires years of schooling and experience. Some doctors focus on one specific area of medicine, such as cardiology or oncology. Other doctors may have a more general approach to treating patients.


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Pros and Cons of Dentistry

There are many pros to choosing dentistry as a career option. Dentists are highly skilled professionals who have undergone years of education and training. They understand the mechanics of the mouth and teeth, which allows them to provide superior dental care. Additionally, dentists typically enjoy a good working environment, with opportunities for advancement and growth. The dental field is highly competitive, so dentists must have excellent communication and teamwork skills. Dentists may require years of schooling and experience to become competent in their field. Dentists are highly skilled in dealing with oral health issues. Dentists can provide quality dental care at a fraction of the cost of other medical procedures.



However, there are also several cons to choosing dentistry as a career option. First, Dentists typically earn less than doctors do. This is due in part to the fact that dentists spend more time treating patients than doctors do. Additionally, Dentists must maintain a high level of certification and professionalism in order to maintain their reputation and client base. There is a risk of becoming infected with diseases such as oral infections. Lastly, Dentists generally do not have as many opportunities for specialization or advancement as doctors do.


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Pros and Cons of Medicine

There are many pros and cons to medicine. On the pro side, medicine can help people recover from illness or injury, and can prolong life. Pros of the medical field also include the ability to help others, the satisfaction that comes with doing something that is needed, and the sense of helping others. On the con side, medicine is expensive, and sometimes it doesn’t work as intended. Additionally, there are risks involved with any medical procedure- even surgery- so it’s important to weigh the benefits against the risks before deciding whether or not to undergo a medical procedure. Cons of the medical field also include the potential for harm, the long hours, and the need for a high level of education.


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MBBS is a degree in medicine while BDS is undergraduate degree in dentistry. MBBS is more popular degree in Pakistan then BDS. BDS is second most popular degree program after FSc pre medical. Clearing the MDCAT entry test is mandatory in Pakistan for getting admission in MBBS and BDS. Now students are taking interest in other degrees like Pharm D, DPT, BS MLT, BS Dermatology etc. Private medical colleges in Pakistan has failed to fill the their allotted seats in BDS program. Now PMC is considering to remove the condition of clearing MDCAT entry test for admission in BDS program, so that students may again come towards the BDS program. There is also a suggestion to merge the dental colleges in medical colleges. You may read the details about this in the newspaper cutting given below.  MBBS is still first choice of students in Pakistan whereas BDS is loosing its attraction. Students who fail to get admission in MBBS go to China and Russian states for medical education or get admission in other new medical fields which have more scope. If you want to learn about alternative degrees of MBBS and BDS then read our following post:


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Conclusion: In the end, it is up to the individual to decide which profession they want to pursue. However, it is important to consider all the pros and cons before making a decision. Do consider following alternative option too:


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MBBS Vs BDS, Doctor or Dentist, Which Profession is Best For You?