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Scope of Social Psychology Field in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Degrees, Career, Tips

Career in the Field of Social Psychology, Job Options, Pay, Scope, Programs, Admission
Do you want to make your future brighter in the field of social psychology? Are you interested to know about how much of the salary amount you can earn with this profession? As you stepped into any profession or make your mind to adopt any career, the first thing which probably hit your mind it about knowing the scope and salary range. Same is the case with the field of social psychology as well. It is said that human beings are social animals. Man can not live alone, he needs the company of his fellow human beings that’s why solitary confinement is considered the worst punishment. Social Psychology is a branch of Psychology which deals with the social behavior of people.


Career & Scope of Psychology in Pakistan & Abroad

Scope of Social Psychology Field in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Degrees, Career, Tips


Social psychology is all about knowing the basic elements behind the human environmental influences as regard with any sort of individual’s behavior. They would even get closer to the concepts of the social influence and knowing about the various social perceptions of the human behavior and in different institutions. The experts of this field will be getting an idea as all about the social interactions and about the societal norms within any sort of culture or any community. The experts can get a wide exposure employment in different sectors of Government departments as well as private sectors or in the medical health care institutions. They can even get themselves connected with the social welfare institutions or the private corporations.



Major Skills of the Social Psychology
Hence the experts who are connected with this field work they should be having a complete knowledge related with the assessment of basic needs as well as knowing about different life struggles of the people. You should have the capacity to identify all those people.


Different Career Options in Field of Social Psychology

Field of Forensic Psychologist:
For working in this professional field, you have to employ yourself in the timeline of the law enforcement along with the department of police to comply with some major criminal profiles and know their psychological terms.



Field of Political Strategist:
In this professional field you will be connecting yourself with the political consultants or might get into the employment of the campaign manager. You can professionally employ yourself in the fields of office centers.


Field of Family & Career Counseling
Family is the unit of society and social psychologists help the men and women in keeping the family united. They try to discover the root cause of differences between husband and wife and guide them about the solutions of their family issues. Professional career counseling is also a recommended career option for social psychologists.



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Field of Sociologist:
For this basic field you have to completely get into a brief study of the social relationships by the side of different social norms or the social interactions within human society. Hence they will employ the usage of their social psychology, networking science and neuroscience.



HR Department
Different organizations hire the services of social psychologists in their HR department. They judge the hidden traits of job seekers during the panel interview session. Employees are hired on the basis of their recommendation.


Academic Qualification Needed to be a Social Psychologist
You should have the qualification of the bachelor qualification degree of psychology subject. You need to be acquiring the degree of masters in the field specialization of forensic psychology, organizational psychology or the personal psychology.



Basic salary range of Social Psychologist
For becoming the part of this profession you can expect a high salary only if you are having huge years of experience. You can be the part of this profession with the salary range of almost 25000 to 30000 rupees.


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Tips & Tricks
Just PGD or MSc Psychology is not enough as for becoming a renowned social psychologist you will have to go for M.Phil and even PhD level. Read books of famous psychologists like B.F. Skinner, Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson and Albert Bandura. You must also read the latest work on self help and mind sciences. Write for media and make videos for youtube. We always recommend psychologists to get the DHMS diploma as homeopathy, bach flower remedies and electro homeopathy mainly deals with mental symptoms. Your ultimate aim in life should not be to get a job. You must go for private practice too. For success in private practice you will have to launch your own self help or mind science related youtube channel and blog. Remember that self help books are best sellers in the whole world, but on youtube their is still a vacuum. You may become a pioneer in this field. Write booklets too on various popular topics of self help and mind sciences.


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