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Top 20 World Records of Pakistan Army (General Knowledge in Urdu & English)

Improve Your General Knowledge About Top 20 World Records of Pak Army 
If you love Pak army and want to improve your general knowledge about Pakistan army then now you have luckily landed on the best related page. In this post we shall share top 20 world records of Pakistan army with our readers. Some related links has also been given on this page for more related general knowledge based information about armed forces of Pakistan. We are sure that you will like our this effort.


Top 20 World Records of Pakistan Army (General Knowledge in Urdu & English)

1-Pakistan army has been fighting against India on Siachen Glacier since 1984. Siachen Glacier is the highest battle field of the world (About 22000 ft).

2-Pakistan won the biggest tank battle since second world war against India at Chawinda (Sialkot).

3-MM Alam shot down 5 Indian fighter jets in less than a one minute duration during 1965 Indo Pak war.

4-Saudi Arabia selected General Raheel Sharif ex COAS as commander in chief of first Islamic joint force.


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5-Famous movies of Salman Khan Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hei were based on bravery of Brigadier Tariq Mehmood (TM Tiger). His nick name was man of steel. He was the most dangerous commando of the world who took part in lot of wars and operations including Operation PANAM, Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, 1971, Operation Gibraltar, East Pakistan Air Operations 1971, Sichen War 1984, Soviet–Afghan War and Battle for Hill 3234. He was the pride of Pak army. He won Sitara-e-Jurat twice. He died during a SSG paratroopers free-fall in 1989.


Top 20 World Records of Pakistan Army (General Knowledge in Urdu & English)

Top 20 World Records of Pakistan Army (General Knowledge in Urdu & English)


Top 20 World Records of Pakistan Army (General Knowledge in Urdu & English)


6-USA and NATO could not defeat Taliban in 20 year but Pak army successfully crushed the TTP and even ISIS.

7-Aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy INS Vikrant did not participated in 1965 Indo-Pak war due to just one Pakistani submarine Ghazi Shaheed.

8-Pakistan air force has prepared the better fighter jet than F16. Its JF-17 Thunder Block 3 which is a 4th generation Multi Combat Aircraft.

9-Pak army has deployed its tanks at the height of 12000 feet at Pak Afghan border. Its a world record.

10-No country of the world could ever defeat USSR (Now Russia), but Pak army successfully defeated the USSR by patronizing the Afghan freedom fighter. Russia could not reach to warm waters due to successful planning of Pakistan army.


11-ISI is the best intelligence agency of the world as it has defeated CIA, RAW, Mossad, KGB, MI6, Khad and NDS on may fronts. It has also arrested Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav from Balochistan.


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12-Pakistan army is the one and only army of the world who have won gorilla war in tribal areas of FATA. Armies of Great Britain, USA and USSR could not won in this area. Pakistan army is the front line force in the US war against terror. It is also successfully eliminated the cultivation of poppy in FATA. Pakistan army is in the state of war since 2001. Pak army successfully defended the country in 1965 Indo-Pak war. Defeat in 1971 war was the result of political mistakes.


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13-Pak army commandos have stood first in the many military exercises and competitions of the world for example in the last 12 years Pakistan army has stood first in Exercise Cambrian Patrol for 3 consecutive time.

14-Pakistan army won the international military drill competition 2019 which was conducted in UK.


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15-A team of Pakistan Army has won the International Sniper Competition held in Beijing IN 2016.

16-Pakistan army defeated Indian army and captured Azad Kashmir during 1948 war through its proxies i.e tribes of FATA.

17-Pakistan is the first Muslim atomic and missile power.
18-Pilots of PAF shot down large number of Israeli fighter planes during the 1973 Arab Israel war. This was the only Arab Israel war which Israel could not win due to our brave pilots.

19-Pak army has been deployed to protect the holy cities of Makkah and Madina in Saudi Arabia.

20-Pakistan army has build a massive fence of 2611 km long on Pak Afghan border as a counter-terrorism effort. Its too a world record.

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Top 20 World Records of Pakistan Army (General Knowledge in Urdu & English)