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World General Knowledge – GK Notes 2024

World GK – General Knowledge Notes 2024

IT Engineer  M.A. Rehman send us these information. He is a our loyal reader/contributor and we are publishing these world general knowledge information with special thanks to him.



What is General Knowledge?

General knowledge refers to a wide range of information & understanding about various subjects, including history, science, geography, current events etc. It is the accumulation of facts, concepts & ideas that are considered to be common knowledge and are not specialized or specific to a particular field. General knowledge or GK is important as it helps individuals to have a well-rounded understanding of the world around them & enables them to engage in informed conversations and make better decisions in various aspects of life.



Top 50 Facts About World General Knowledge 2024

1-Oceans and sea are not same. Oceans are very large as compared to seas. Seas are usually located at the joining of ocean and land.
2-Five oceans of the word are Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean.
3-Largest ocean of the world is Pacific ocean, its covering area is about 155,557,000 square kilometers.
4-Pacific Ocean occupies more than 33% of earth’s surface.
5-Atlantic ocean is world’s second largest ocean, it covers about 21 percent of Earth. Its shape is like English character “S”.
6-Indian ocean is world third largest ocean. It is surrounded by Asia, Africa, Australia and Southern ocean.
7-Southern Ocean surrounds the Antarctic.
8-Mariana Trench near Philippines is the deepest trench of the world, its depth is about 36,000 ft.
9-More than 70 percent of earth is covered by water,
10-Gulf and a bay are often use interchangeably, but these are not exactly same. Gulf is usually larger than a bay with narrow entrance and more enclosed in contrast to bay which has wide opening.


World General Knowledge

World General Knowledge – GK Notes 2024


11-A strait is a narrow passage of water that connects two large areas of water(usually seas). For example Gibraltar strait that connects Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
12-Kazakhstan Is largest land locked country.
13-Peninsula is the part of the land surrounded by water from three sides that only from one side is connected to mainland, like Arabian peninsula.
14-Nile River located in Egypt is the longest river, it is about 4100 km long.
15-Amazon river (Brazil) is the second and Mississippi river (USA)  is the third longest river of the world.
16-Angel falls is tallest water fall of the world, it is located in Venezuela.
17-Panama canal (constructed in 1904 in Panama) connects Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
18-South China Sea is considered biggest sea of the world according to some other standards Mediterranean sea is the biggest.
19-The Suez Canal (constructed in 1869 in Egypt) connects Mediterranean and Red Sea.
20-Canada has the longest coastline of 202,080 km.


21-Regarding fresh water reservoir lake Baikal is the world’s largest lake.
22-Caspian Sea is the largest lake of the world. (370,886 square kilometers).
23-Lake Baikal located in Russia is the world deepest lake (5,387 ft).
24-Mauna Kea is the tallest ocean mountain, it is about 10,200m tall and located near Hawaii.
25-Regarding water discharge Amazon is the largest river of the world.
26-Volga (located in Russia) is the longest river of Europe.
27-China’s dam Three Gorges is the biggest dam of the world.
28-Antarctic glacier “Lambert Glacier” is the world’s largest glacier (about 100 km wide, 400 km long& 2.5 km deep).
29-The Dead Sea is the world lowest point (about 427 meters below sea level) in the world, it is surrounded by Jordan, Palestine and Israel. Its surface and shores are, Earth’s lowest elevation on lan
30-The biggest animal of the world is blue whale. It has length of about 30 m and weight about 200 tons.



31-Albatross (an Antarctic bird) have the largest wingspans more than any other bird about 12 ft.
32-Albatross can stay in flight about 500 miles without landing.
33-A lizard Tuatara lives in New Zealand has three eyes.
34-Greenland (governed by Denmark) is considered the largest island of the world, though Australia is larger than Greenland but as it is a whole continent that why usually not taken as island.
35-Mount Kilimanjaro is the only ice covered(peak) place in Africa. It is tallest mountain of Africa and located in Kenya.
36-Great Barrier Reef is the world largest coral reef, lies of   Australia’s northern coast. It is more than 2300 km long.
37-Flevopolder island of Nether land is the largest man-made island of the world.
38-Lake Kariba is the largest man-made lake of the world. It surrounds by Zambia and Zimbabwe.
39-Canada has most number of lakes in the world, about nine percent of the country is covered by lakes.
40-Canada has most water covered area in the world.


41-Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,  Yemen, U.A.E, Vatican City and Maldives have no river
42-Antarctica contains about 90% ice of the world
43-Atacama Desert is the driest place of the earth, it lies in Chile.
44-Cherrapunji (India) is the most rainy place of the earth.
45-Channel tunnel (located beneath the English channel) connects England to France
46-Madagascar(Malagasy) is the largest island of Indian ocean.
47-Darwin presented the evolution theory.
48-Dr Niaz Ahmad chairman Bedar Pakistan presented the first interest free economic plan MBC system in the world.
49-Sigmund Freud is considered the father of modern Psychology.
50-HR-Times International is the first English monthly on human rights in Pakistan.


Final Words

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