General Knowledge About Pak Navy Ranks, Badges & Pay 2022

General Knowledge GK About Pakistan Navy Ranks, Badges & Salary 2022
If you are one of the responsible candidates and you do think that you have a lot of caliber in your personality, then make sure that you do apply in the Pak Navy jobs. Here you will catch up with the information and general knowledge aspect on these Pak Navy ranks, badges and pay details 2022. Do you know that in this Pak Navy, if you are going to get the four stars, then that means it is the highest rank so far in the Pak Navy. And this rank is also selected right by the president along with the confirmation given from the side of PM Pakistan.



General Knowledge About Pak Navy Ranks And Badges
We have seen varied number of ranks in Pak Navy and here you are going get the general knowledge stats and facts about them. The rank of admiral of fleet is given five stars. We have admiral post which is given and assigned with the number of 4 stars. In this Pak Navy body, we have vice admiral rank which is given 3 stars. Then 2 stars are given to the rank of rear admiral. One star is handed over to the commodore and there are other various posts which are part of this body. They are to work as captain, commander. in this Pakistan navy body, we see hiring of lieutenant commander positions. Then there is sub lieutenant and midshipmen post.



We have Admiral of the fleet whose rank is OF-10. Then there is post of Admiral who has been officially assigned the rank of OF-9. The other position is Vice Admiral and its rank and the badge mode is OF-8. We have Rear Admiral and the badge mode given to them, it is OF-7. Moving on, we have position of Commodore and Pak Navy has given OF-6 rank to this post. Captain post is given the rank of OF-5, Commander post is assigned the rank and badge scale of OF-4. We have Lieut. Commander and it is handed over the badge mode of OF-3. Further, we have Lieutenant position who is given the rank of OF-2 and Sub Lieutenant is provided with the rank scale of OF-1. Then there is this Midshipman whose current rank scale is OF-0.



General Knowledge About Pak Navy Pay
Now coming and forwarding yourself regarding the details of Pak Navy pay zone. If you are on the rank of Admiral, then your per month pay will be Rs. 50,000 plus. If some one is hired on the post of Vice Admiral, then his per month salary will be Rs. 45,000 plus.


We have Rear Admiral position and rank who is given the per month of Rs. 40,000 plus. Captain officers are given the monthly salary of Rs. 32,000 plus and Commander officers are given Rs. 30,000 plus per month income.



Moreover, Lieutenant Commander officers are given the monthly salary of Rs. 25,000+ and Lieutenant rank gets Rs. 22,000+ salary on a per month basis. More details on Pak navy badges, awards and ranks are coming up sooner, so keep in touch. Here are some more general knowledge based related posts.



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General Knowledge About Pak Army Ranks, Badges & Pay 2022


General Knowledge About Pak Navy Ranks, Badges & Pay 2022

General Knowledge About Pak Army, Pak Navy & PAF Ranks, Badges & Pay

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