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Ramadan Schedule 2024-Download Beautiful Ramazan Calendar Pakistan 1445 A.H

City Wise Ramadan Calendar 2024 For Ahle Sunnat and Shia Muslims of Pakistan with Sehri & Aftari Schedule

All the Muslims were waiting for holy month of Ramazan from the start of 1445 A.H. Now we are going to enter in the blessed month of Ramazan. Every one also want to get Ramadan schedule 2024. We shall provide you Ramadan calendar 2024. In Pakistan Ramzan will start in April and end in May. As all of you know that Islam follows lunar calendar, so it is expected that first Ramazan will be on 10 or 11 March, 2024. Eid will be in the month of May but we can not predict its exact date.



Points to Remember

Ramadan schedule 2024 for Pakistani cities has been uploaded on this page. This Ramazan calendar 2024 is primarily for citizens of Lahore but citizens of other cities can also guess the Ramazan schedule of their cities with the help of given information. We have also provided the formula for Shia Muslims for calculating exact time of their Sehr and Iftar timing. We have already published lot of helpful posts on the topic of Ramazan. You will love to read our following posts;



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Importance of Ramadan Calendar

The Ramadan Calendar 2024 for Pakistan with Sehr & Iftar timetable is essential. It helps Muslims plan their fasting schedule accurately. Accurate timings guide the start & break of fasts daily. It fosters discipline and spiritual routine during Ramadan. The calendar aids in synchronizing community prayers and gatherings. It also facilitates organizations to accommodate employee needs. Preparing food for Iftar at the right time relies on the calendar. The timetable strengthens unity in observing this holy month together. It is integral to the spiritual life of Pakistani Muslims. The calendar is indispensable for a blessed Ramadan experience.



Final Words

You can view and even download this Ramadan schedule 2024 for Pakistani Muslims. Share the link or given Ramadan calendar 1445 for helping the other Muslims who are still waiting to get an authentic Ramazan calendar 2024. Visit and its facebook page for reading more posts on this holy month. We also need your prayers in this holy month of Ramadan so do remember us to in your prayers.

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable

Ramadan Schedule 2024-Download Beautiful Ramazan Calendar Pakistan 1445 A.H


Ramadan Calendar 2024 Pakistan With Sehr & Iftar Timetable