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Superior Group of Colleges Learn to Earn Program 2023-25 For ICom & ICS Students

Everything You Need to Know About Learn to Earn Scheme of Superior College
Superior Group of Colleges has started learn to earn program for 1st and 2nd year students of ICS & I.Com. These students will be given free training in various fields. After this training students will be able to earn 50000 to 100000 PKR per month during their studies. Here is the list of 7 skills which you can learn during 2 years of inter mediate;



Superior Group of Colleges Learn to Earn Program 2022-24 For ICom & ICS Students

Superior Group of Colleges Learn to Earn Program 2023-25 For ICom & ICS Students


1-Professional Graphic Designing
3-Digital Media Marketing
5-Game Development
6-3D Animation
7-Web Design



Details About Superior Group’s Learn to Earn Program


These unique skills have great demand in Pakistan and abroad. You will also be able to work as freelancer after completion of training. Now we are going to discuss the scope of these training courses:



Graphic Designing

Graphics design is the process of creating visuals that communicate information or emotions. It can be used to create advertising, brochures, photos, logos and more. The most common type of graphics design is simple art, which often consists of just a few basic shapes and colors. However, there are many different types of graphics that can be created if the designer has the right tools and ideas. It is a necessary part of any marketing or advertising campaign. Graphic designers are responsible for creating beautiful graphics that communicate information effectively to audiences. They must be able to capture the essence of a product or idea and make it easily accessible to their clients.




Ecommerce is the process of selling products and services online. It includes everything from buying a product to selling it to customers. Ecommerce can be divided into two main categories: online retail and e-commerce platforms. Online retail refers to the purchase of items and services through an online platform, like, eBay, or Walmart. e-commerce platforms, on the other hand, are businesses that allow customers to buy products and services directly from manufacturers or vendors.



Digital Media Marketing

Digital media marketing is the process of using electronic and digital technologies to reach, engage, and convert individuals with your products or services. It includes developing a plan that encompasses all phases of the marketing mix: from developing a website, creating content, engaging customers through social media and driving leads through sales processes.



Search Engine Optimization is also known as SEO & it is the technique of improving a web site’s visibility in search engine results pages. The goal is to make a site more popular with the search engines, so that it can be found by more people. SEO is often done through well-conceived and effective strategies such as link building, text optimization & page designing.



Game Development

Game development is the procedure of creating games from start to finish. Games can be electronic or physical products and can be for any genre of consumer. Game developers typically work in a single location for many years with the goal of making a high-quality product that entertains gamers for years on end.



3D Animation

Animation is an art that involves creating scenes, graphics & design that tell a story. Animation can be used to tell stories in a variety of ways, including movies, commercials, pictures and videos. In order to produce 3D animation, different software programs are used to create the images & videos. Some common software programs used include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Microsoft PowerPoint.



Web Designing

A web designer is someone who creates the website for an organization. They work with the company to create a design that meets their needs & wants. Web designers often have a variety of skills, such as Photoshop and HTML. They also need to have good communication skills, be able to work in a fast-paced environment & be able to take direction easily.




You may learn and focus on one skill, so select the skill as per your aptitude and never ignore your regular studies. We suggest that computerized accounting and shorthand courses should also be included in this learn to earn programme as these courses also have great scope in Pakistan. If you want to become financially independent then do get admission in I.Com or ICS programs by Superior Group of Colleges.