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Spiritual Intelligence Explained, Characteristics, Types, Tips to Improve SQ, 5 Dimensions

Everything You Need to Know About Spiritual Intelligence or Spiritual Quotient, Introduction, Characteristics, Kinds, Super Tips to Increase SQ Level, Five Dimensions of Spiritual Intelligence & Comparison with IQ
Are you looking to explore the concept of spiritual intelligence? Are you unsure what it is, and why would it be beneficial to one’s life? In this blog of, we shall try to answer your questions & examine what spiritual intelligence (or SQ) and look at the different types of SQ, how to develop & expand your spiritual intelligence & the 5 dimensions of spiritual intelligence. In the last we shall compare IQ with spiritual intelligence. Lets start reading this post;



Spiritual Intelligence Explained, Characteristics, Types, Tips to Improve SQ, 5 Dimensions


Spiritual Intelligence Explained, Characteristics, Types, Tips to Improve SQ, 5 Dimensions

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

So, what is spiritual intelligence? Simply put, spiritual intelligence is the ability to connect to the spiritual world, felt & understood on personal, internal levels. Spiritual intelligence is the synthesis & integration of mind, body & soul. In addition, those with high spiritual intelligence can intuit & connect with their higher selves & channel the collective unconsciousness so that their personal conscious & life choices are deeply informed by their spirit. Thus, spiritual intelligence is essential to promoting self-awareness & meaningful personal growth. Spiritually intelligent persons have strong sixth sense and their 3rd eye starts working. They can learn hypnosis and telepathy more quickly than a normal human being. They can smell the future and upcoming dangers. They can face the worse situations in their lives very confidently and intelligently. They can also help others and can transfer their wisdom in them.



Four Kinds of Spiritual Intelligence

There are 4 types of spiritual intelligence: Connective, Internal, Creative, and Intuitive. Connective (or Integrative) Spiritual Intelligence refers to a person’s ability to truly and deeply connect to emotions & our inner knowing, to be open to inspiration & revelation, to draw upon our inner wisdom, as well as with other people, to develop a greater understanding of our place in the world & to foster meaningful relationships with others. Internal Spiritual Intelligence refers to a person’s capacity to be in tune with their internal self & emotions, to connect to their spiritual essence & soul, to feel aligned with the universe & to resolve inner tension, beliefs and struggles. Creative Spiritual Intelligence refers to a person’s ability to be open to different experiences & to express and explore deep innate talents, to use one’s imagination, to tap into the creative energy of the collective unconscious & to be receptive to the unlimited possibilities of life. And finally, Intuitive Spiritual Intelligence refers to a person’s ability to intuit meaning, to comprehend what is often unspoken or seemingly beyond the physical realm, to expand one’s perception & understanding, to discover hidden truths and magical moments & to create a grounded spiritual practice.



How to Develop Spiritual Intelligence? Tips

Now, how can one develop this type of spiritual intelligence? To begin, any type of spiritual practice is beneficial, such as meditation, centering oneself & exploring creative outlets. Also important is your state of inner peace & being: having the ability to self-regulate & not become too overwhelmed by your emotions. Additionally, practicing self-awareness & self-reflection is also vital. Furthermore, developing meaningful relationships with other people is essential, as it can inspire one to explore other areas of spiritual intelligence, such as creativity, intuition & connection. Reciting the Holy Quran regularly and offering the prayers 5 times a day are the best means to develop your spiritual intelligence quickly. Qamar Iqbal Sufi is a Islamic spiritual leader who have written a revolutionary book “Ruhaniyat Danish Aur Haqiqatein” for guiding people about developing their spiritual intelligence without a spiritual teacher. If you are interested in spiritual intelligence then you must read this book. You also need to increase your outputs for increasing your spiritual quotient level.




Five Dimensions of Spiritual Intelligence?

What are the 5 dimensions of spiritual intelligence? Intuition, creativity, connection, service to others & self-awareness. Intuition is the ability to understand what is often not spoken or seen, to explore the limitless possibilities beyond the physical realm & to have a heightened sense of awareness. Creativity refers to the ability to use our imaginations to explore & express deep innate talents, to tap into the creative energy of the collective unconscious & to be open to a variety of experiences. Connection is the ability to be in tune with our internal selves & our emotions, to truly & deeply connect to our spiritual essence & soul, to feel aligned with the universe & to foster meaningful relationships with others. Service to others involves being engaged in causes that we truly believe in, to feel connected to the collective consciousness & to be committed to making a difference in the world. Finally, self-awareness is the capability to be mindful of our thoughts, feelings & behaviors; understanding our core values and beliefs & developing strategies to set personal boundaries & manage stress.



Characteristics of Spiritual Intelligence

One of the primary characteristics of spiritual intelligence is the ability to be mindful & take responsibility for one’s thoughts, feelings & behavior. Additionally, a spiritually intelligent individual is able to forgive & remain open to new perspectives & growth. Furthermore, those with spiritual intelligence are able to hold space for others while keeping one’s own integrity intact.




Spiritual Intelligence/Spiritual Quotient vs IQ

The debate between spiritual intelligence & IQ has been going on for some time now. IQ is traditionally seen as the measure of intelligence, while on the other hand spiritual intelligence is a more holistic measure of a person’s capacity to think, feel & act in a way that is consistent with their values & beliefs. It is a measure of a person’s hidden ability to use their spiritual resources to make decisions, solve problems & lead a meaningful life with some positive mission.



Unlike IQ, spiritual intelligence is not necessarily linked to academic success or achievement in life. Instead, it is a measure of a person’s ability to be aware of their own spiritual beliefs & to be able to apply them to their life in a meaningful way for getting some positive effects on one’s personality. This can include being able to understand the deeper meaning of life, developing a sense of purpose & having a sense of connection to something greater than oneself.



Spiritual intelligence is not something that can be measured in a traditional sense, but it is something that can be developed over time. It is a measure of a person’s ability to be in fine tune with their inner self & to use that knowledge to make decisions & take actions accordingly. Ultimately, spiritual intelligence or is a measure of a person’s ability to live a life that is in alignment with their values & beliefs and using them to guide decisions & actions. It is about understanding the interconnectedness of all things & how our actions can affect the world around us. It is about understanding the power of our thoughts & how they can shape our lives. In fact our subconscious mind can do wonders and we just need to train it. Your subconscious mind is like a blank page and it has powers like a superhero, whatever you write on this blank page, your subconscious mind will believe on it and create it in the real world.




So, how can we improve our spiritual intelligence? Here are some suggestions: practice meditation or mindfulness, commit to developing a spiritual practice, explore creative outlets, develop relationships with others & engage in service to others. Additionally, it is important to stay grounded in your spiritual essence and self-care, as well as self-reflection & be open to learning more about yourself. This will help you to understand your core values & beliefs, create meaningful relationships with others & develop a greater understanding of our place in the world. Yoga and meditation exercises are also considered helpful for increasing your Spiritual Quotient. Spiritually intelligent persons can also become reiki masters. They may also learn the pendulum dowsing more quickly than a common person. It has also be noticed that spiritually intelligent persons also have high IQ, EQ & AQ levels.



By understanding the concept of spiritual intelligence, its types, benefits & characteristics, you can develop & expand your spiritual intelligence, with tangible benefits felt on the psychological, emotional & spiritual levels. If you are looking to explore your inner core & discover your spiritual essence, it is important to be mindful of your intentions. Take the time to ask yourself what it is that you are seeking & why. Reflect on the motivations behind your journey & the goals you hope to achieve. This can help you to stay focused & motivated throughout your journey. Additionally, it is important to remember that spiritual growth is a lifelong process and that it is not something that can be achieved overnight. Be patient with yourself & allow yourself to take the time to explore & discover. Remember to be open to new ideas & experiences and to stay connected to your inner core. Finally, be sure to practice self-care & to take time for yourself to relax & recharge. Taking care of yourself is essential to spiritual growth & will help you to stay grounded & focused on your journey. Before leaving this page do read our following related post too;


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