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Career Counseling on Scope of Medical Education in Pakistan (Urdu-English)

What is the Scope of Various Medical Education Fields in Pakistan? Career Counseling Guide in English & Urdu
In almost every single country of the world the importance and value of medical study cannot be neglect at all. In a same way, when it comes to Pakistan, this sector has made a big name due to its high-quality educational standards and merit base criteria. The real beauty of this medical education field is that you can easily get job opportunities and get a chance to serve your nation.



Education & Training
In Pakistan, the field of medical education has been divided into two different terminologies which is based on MBBS and BDS. BDS is the field which is related to dental sciences. MBBS has the duration of 5 years of study after which you acquire the status of calling yourself a doctor. BDS has the duration of 4 years of education after which you will be able to call yourself a dentist.



It would not be wrong to say that in Pakistan, the need and demand of doctors and dentists is getting increased with time. Due to the emergence of so many health issues and diseases, the people are always in a need to seek help from different health care doctors and dentist specialists.



FSc Pre Medical
After finishing your study in the field of FSC education, you can step into the field of MBBS or BDS doctorial course work. In FSC you will be studying the courses related with Biology, Chemistry and Physics which is needed to let the student know about the basic elements of the medical education. This will even let you know that in which you are having high knowledge and in which subject your major core interest has been falling into. You should always select those subjects in which your main interest has been falling into all the time.



Important Medical Subjects
As you plan to step into the profession of medical field, you need a lot of advises and consultation which you can get from experts. Its easiest way would be to do some research work on those areas of medical field in which you think you are upholding maximum interest. Different fields which are associated with medical health or sciences are bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery, bachelor of dental surgery, bachelor of pharmacy, bachelor of nursing, bachelor of physiotherapy, bachelor of laboratory and technology, bachelor in technology and so many more fields.



High Importance of Health Care Sector Among People
It has been expected that in the coming years, the growth of employment in the field of medical sciences will increase by 23%. In Pakistan there have been so many high-standardized educational institutions who are involved in providing best educational services in the field of medical and health sciences. Pakistan has been deploying a huge amount of GDP every single to make their medical and health sector a lot expanding and bring some more advancement in it. This field is fully respected and is a huge honor to be the part of it. Here is the list of some career counseling articles of on scope of various medical education fields in Pakistan;


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Career Counseling on Scope of Medical Education in Pakistan (Urdu-English)


Career Counseling on Scope of Medical Education in Pakistan (Urdu-English)